Netgear problems resolved – more or less!

Netgear problems

After a rather stressful week, well frustrating rather than stressing, I am finally getting somewhere…

Netgear WND3300

I had already sorted a returns for this router but while I was on the phone to support anyway I went through them with this one. Ideally it does need the matched USB card (pttt) but it should work properly with my WN311B. His first thought was to update the drivers and firmware, which I’d done as a matter of course. The final analysis was, yes that sounds faulty, send it back.

Netgear DG834N

It was actually a two-year warranty on this and I beggared this when I tore the seals of to look inside…

Smiley says to read the manual!

Should have checked the warranty, but I’d assumed it was only one year and tossed the original box and everything out a fortnight back, just before it went pear-shaped. Typical eh, you hoard stuff for year and the minute you throw it out, you need one.

Fortunately, luckily for me, Netgear were really understanding:

Hello Paul,

Thank you for contacting Netgear, with regards to your email I must advise that you actually have two years warranty on your DG834N. Normally if a customer opens their unit this will void the warranty, however I accept that at the time of you opening this unit you felt the warranty had expired so I am willing to still offer you a replacement for this unit.
In order to replace the unit please call through to our technical team on 0844 875 4000 option 1, when you call in please quote case number xxxxxxx

I have logged this case asking that the technical team replace the unit for you. They will arrange for a courier to collect your unit from you and return it to a warehouse. A replacement unit will then be returned to you.
I hope this is acceptable to you

Kind regards


Netgear customer services


I phoned up and they had two options, the free one were I send it off and wait for a replacement, or the premium option when I pay for a swap-out. Naturally I went for the latter one.

I get this and I’m all set up until the true next generation (ratified) 5Gz Dual-band ADSL modem-routers are out and I upgrade everything again. I did look at several other options but was failed to be greatly impressed by any, regardless of prices.

Essentially, if Netgear or other manufacturers are reading this, I simply want a true, dual-band 5Gz/2.4Gz equivalent of the DG834N, please…

If you are wondering, while you lose signal faster at 5Gz – less good at penetrating walls – you more than make up for the lack of interference with the microwave (my bane), the neighbours networks (mutter) and others like your bluetooth keyboard (which, as the moment I can’t use). Hopefully this will chance when I get my replacement router. We shall see.

12 hours later

Ah begger it… SCOWL

I give up, I really do, I don’t know what the issue is!

I do tend to speak very highly of Netgear, but this is wearing me down. The new (replacement) 270Mb/s router, connected at Wireless N speed -and it is STILL a much worse than I get with the aging DG834g that can only connect at 54Mb/s 802.11g.

Nuts! I am at the point now where I am eyeing up the kitchen ceiling and wondering if I could run conduit through to here and toss the wireless setup into the shed.

Why me!

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