Web designers questionnaire – 16 questions you should be asking

The web design questionnaire below was part of a business plan feasibility study towards my ILM Level 2 Certificate in Enterprise. These are the questions a prospective web company should be asking themselves and a range of potential clients to ascertain whether the market exists and is viable. It excludes other factors such as the level and quality of the local and regional competition to focus on the basic analysis – is there enough work to go around. It does not wholly address the other two sides of the process, namely the specific questions you would ask an actual client, which center around functionality and creativity, nor those that a business should be asking a developer, which are or should be focused on results (the why of wanting their site) and on ownership (of domains and content).

Web design questionnaire

Are you interested in having a web site for your business?
Yes / No

If you have an existing site, does it need improving?
Yes / No

What does your business do?
a) Retail
b) Construction/maintenance
c) Services
d) Consultancy
e) Other … :

Who are you trying to reach? Who do you see are the typical user of your website? i.e mainly women, parents, children, all age groups, B2B, or a more specific demographic?
… :

What do you want people to do, look for when they visit your site?
a) A brochure – a basic presence giving contact information
b) A landing page (flyer) to promote your company or particular products/offers
c) Read, follow, act/interact on regular updates (likes a show guide or a blog)
d) Shopping, eCommerce
e) Something else… :

How do you currently promote your business/site, how do people find you?
a) Advert in local paper or trade journals etc
b) Directories like Yellow Pages and Thomson Local
c) Flyers, posters and business cards
d) Word or mouth, recommendations
e) Search engines like Google
f) Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest etc
g) other… :

Related to this, how do people find you – or your competitors – if they want/need what you provide?
(This is different to the above in that it focuses on how people find someone in general, rather than you in particular. Giving an example, if you are a plumber are you aware of where people turn to first after driving a nail through a pipe and flooding the kitchen?)
… :

How many pages do you think you’ll need?
a) 1-5
b) 5-10
c) 10-25
d) 25+ and/or continual updates

Are you or anyone on your staff familiar with social networks like Facebook?
Yes / No

Are you or anyone on your staff familiar with HTML and CSS?
Yes / No

How familiar are you with search engine optimisation? How important is aiming for a high ranking in search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google? In social networks like Facebook and Twitter?
a) Never thought about it
b) Not very
c) Moderately so
d) Very

How important is web site customisation to you. (Look, style/flair, layout and design)
a) Never thought about it
b) Not very
c) Moderately so
d) Very

How important is web site functionality to you? (Menus, widgets, eCommerce, forms, etc).
a) Never thought about it
b) Not very
c) Moderately so
d) Very

Will/would/do you want or need help in making content changes? If so, would you need help routinely?
Yes / No

Would you be interested in learning how to set up and maintain your own site(s)?
Yes / No

What is your budget? What would you expect to pay for this level of site and support, whether as a one-off help or full hosting and support package?
: per hour £
: per month £
: per year £

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Yes, I got the IML, no I didn’t do anything with it. So no, not touting for business. I’ve run computer companies in the past and developed a number of websites for friends and acquaintances and their businesses… and basically, customers and clients get on my nerves! I’m too old, too cranky, too introverted and have far too many mood swings to put it with that crap!

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