Playbuzz: The Definitive 5 Factor Personality Test

The Definitive 5 Factor Personality Test

I know psychology professors that would gag on the heading. Clinical psychology are known to place the Briggs-Myer test a notch below where astronomers shove astrology, so it’s anyone guess what they think of a ‘definitive’ Playbuzz personality test.

Anyway, I got ‘Very Conscientious’:

You are a type A personality who is diligent, responsible and organized! You have a totally open mind and love engaging in new activities on exploring new adventures in life. You are a friendly, warm and generous person who takes joy in giving and getting to know new people. Although, it takes you a while to warm up as you are fairly introverted and don’t always express yourself openly or assertively enough. You are usually a calm, go with the flow kind of person which is why you rate low on the neurotic scale and why you are such an agreeable personality!

Playbuzz 5 personality test, very conscientious

It is, or more correctly was quite close, for me, once, but even then, not perfect. (The ‘fairly introverted tipped over the edge and fell down an abyss, while the ‘low on the neurotic scale’ heated up to a boiling point. On more clinical tests, I score close to 1 and 99 for those!).

Anyhow, see how you do:

Playbuzz Personality test by Christy Nolan

LOL, I think I broke their test!

Out of curiosity, I tried it again. This is what it spat out:

Extremely Agreeable!

Agreeableness dominates your personality! You have a kind soul and take genuine pleasure in helping other other people and getting to know them. You are also very extroverted which explains why you have such a true interest in other people’s lives. Your optimistic nature means you are calm, collected and rarely neurotic. You have a moderate appreciation for trying new things and indulging in cultural activities. You can be responsible when necessary but you rate low on the conscientious scale, you are often forgetful and unorganized. Luckily your people skills make up for your disarray!

For a start, the Hare Psychopathy Checklist puts uncomfortably well into the higher range.

Plus, I’m as far from “very extroverted” as it’s possible to get; and I don’t like people. I think I tried to when I was younger, fake it until you make it, but no, I absolutely am not a social bunny!

As I said at the start, a bit of fun, but a step lower than astrology on the science scale

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