Playbuzz: What Emotion Is Your Subconscious Hiding?

Reveal your hidden, subconscious emotion…

Reveal your hidden, subconscious emotion by choosing the Tarot cards that catch your attention and speak to your soul

OK, it’s a bit of fun, and it’s tarot by pop quiz, but hey, it is what it is.

I’m suppressing profound joy“?


I think the ethers got confuddled and gave me someone else’s reading! Just as well it’s just a bit of fun, eh. See if yours is closer to the mark.

*(Confuddled: confused and befuddled, the state were things make so little sense your brain shuts down, discontinuing further thought or word on the matter. That moment when your mind goes blank and you think, "Nope, I got nothing!")


Your subconscious is hiding a profound joy! The Tarot reveal that at your core you’re incredibly happy and optimistic! You may have had some challenges or difficult circumstances that have gotten you a bit down, but it’s time to reconnect to your true, joyful nature because it’s shining through! The stars are aligned in your favor and ready to bring you lots of happiness and laughter. Are you ready? Be open, never hesitate to smile and reveal your blissful inner happiness! The world definitely needs more joy; we’re so lucky that we have you to give us some!

What a crock of emoji #128169!

Anyway, here’s the link:

Playbuzz tarot reading lol
{ Playbuzz tarot: What emotion is your subconscious hiding? }

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