Trying out the Thesis WordPress theme

Thesis theme

I liked the look of this advert (image gone now, annoyingly), makes me think of strong coffee for some reason. Anyway, I was going to leave it as the Simplicity theme, which I rather like, but I was playing and broke it. Seeing as I’d just bought, well licensed the developer version of Thesis thought I might as well use it. Obviously (at this moment) it’s the default settings but I’m going to get to grips with it and blend it back in with the rest of Ackadia.

About 2.30pm now. Grab a bite to it and see how long it takes to fix it up.

OK… read about this, but seeing it for the first time, I’m impressed. Underneath the editing window are boxes for SEO details – like the meta description for the header. Very nice touch.

Hmmm, the admittedly wide ad flows over into the other columns. Need to sort that sort of thing, yep! Be in the width settings.

Currently distracted by kids, year-end tax stuff and too many aches and pains, I’ll sort this lot out on Monday!

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