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Twitter tools (2009)

Starting adding a list of reliable sites to help me (and anyone following me) build up a solid base of interested and interesting followers. As some point I will undoubtedly write a guide but for now the side links will do – plus of course we have the day by day progress reports to show what can be done – and how.

Not got time to read it all now, but this looks very comprehensive:
Doshdosh: 50 Social News Websites: A List of General and Niche Social Media Communities (Since gone)

I’m sure a great many of you will wholly disagree with the next opinion, but – for the moment (May ’09) – in this list I’m NOT including:

  1. @tweetdeck (Last post was 2019)
  2. @Twhirl (Not updated since 2009)
  3. @Seesmic (inactive)

Nothing against them, per se, but I have issues with the fact that the Adobe Air installation warnings that the publishers are unknown and yet they want complete unrestricted access to your computer. Of the three, Seesmic does at least get the publisher identity verified. That said, they are all largely betas too, so I’m happy to wait a while. I am following them and we’ll see – after all, millions of users can’t be wrong…

After all, what can go wrong using a free – beta – internet application that needs unconditional system access. Riiiight.

((Note: This was moved from my milliontwits .com site)

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