Windows upgrade path

Windows upgrade path:

XP > Vista > XP > (>Vista>) 7 > XP > Linux!!!

Recently tried playing with the various flavours. Downgrading up to Vista(!) – tore that bag of kak out.

I point blank refuse to use an OS that needs a whacking great 1Gb of memory just to run, especially when it only supports 3Gb max.

XP to Windows 7 – N’uh!

Microsoft won’t allow that. You have to wipe and fresh install or upgrade to Vista, then upgrade that to 7. There is not and will not be a XP to Windows 7 upgrade!

Sooo, we wait for Windows 7. Albeit a beta, the RC1 (64 bit) I tried had issues with network cards (recognised but disabled error code 10), doesn’t recognise my USB wireless, or, well, almost anything else and – not that I could access the Internet with it – almost none of the mfr’s and developers are showing interest in supports Win7, let alone the 64 bit version.

Unless things change greatly, when they finally kill XP I’m moving all our computers to Linux.

Links of interest:

  • [ .com/windows/windows-7/ ]Microsoft’s Win7 page – (Now takes you to Win8. No, thank you!)
  • [ support.creative .com/kb/ShowArticle.aspx?sid=61373 ]Creative Labs on Win 7
    Guess they leaned from Vista and are starting support early. Good!
    (Should have copied it here, articles gone now)
  • [ ] Nvidia are ahead in the support, though the 64bit drivers are a stomping 198Mb >.<
  • to add: realtek, symantec, netgear etc…
  • Windows 7 forum looks useful


This was, of course, many years ago and the final release of Windows 7 proved to be one of their best. Vista, along with ME, remain bags of poop that should have been buried in a deep hole and sealed shut.

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