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Site revision : Nov 2013, moving over to WordPress

Just a short post to cover the changes going on here and apologise for the ugly, perhaps unsettling jarring effect of bouncing from one version of the site to another.
Smiley is a tad embarrassed

Really I should do this off-line, badgering away for months hacking, tweaking and polishing and then unleash the new, improved, singing, dancing, silky smooth, glossy-coated Ackadia.

I just made it sound like an advert for dog grooming shampoo and conditioner; any minute now Lassie is going to rush on with Fred Astaire. That’s the professional way to do it, of course, but I’ve put off doing much work here for years and if I don’t do it this way it’ll never get done. The other day, elsewhere, I set up about 30 ‘demo’ sites for a new campaign. Took me about a week, including filler and some unique copywriting. Starting a fresh site is easy. Writing a few pages of keyword optimised content is fairly easy too. Editing, validating and recoding/converting several thousand pages going back 15 years in all is a tad daunting, not to mention more time consuming.

Anyway, I’ll get this done as fast as I can, then add some polish the the design, jazz it up a bit.

~ Paul

Addenda: several hours and half a dozen files later. Yep, gonna take a while!

A younger version of me, looking studious

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