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This page serves no purpose, it is simply here for me to see styling effects when I’ll trying new fonts, CSS or child themes. When I get a minute I’ll go through all the stuff deprecated from (stripped out of) HTML5/CSS3 and the cool stuff added, like rounded corners, gradient shading and shadows. Going slow on this page as I have no desire to break or bloat this site unnecessarily!

Header H2

Header H3

Header H4

Strong – bold

Italic – emphasis

Quote – q

Quote, mine – class=”qme”


Class=”uncommon” spanned




Class=”aleft” should stay were it is!

div : acenter
section : acenter

p : acenter

Class=”aright” should be over the other side

The <hr /> next should (currently) be centered, 3/4 width and a blue/silver line.

line of text just before the hr

The css, if you are wondering, is below. Noting that in this instance it’s not centered :/

<hr style=”margin-top:1.25em; margin-bottom:2.25em; width:75%; text-align:center; border-color:#01A9DB; background-color:#E6E6E6; height: 4px;” />

Centered, .dotted-box
Left floating block-l. Lorem ipsum filler
Right floating block-r. Lorem ipsum filler

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