Site updates for November 2005

Updates November 2005

While I remember:

Do I appear to have spammed you recently? Well, if so:

Smiley - Was not me, I did not do it!

Nope, I almost never use Ackadia for email, haven’t in over a year. No point really, as I’ve reported elsewhere, I get several Spam myself – several A SECOND, that is

Smiley - Be afraid, be very afraid

No, I’m not kidding. I used to be very active going after those ‘people’ and as a reward I am on every mail list on earth, it seems. Not just paul@, but whole dictionaries of names. Apart from a few white listed incoming addresses everything is destroyed on arrival. If you email to complain, that gets eaten too. I really can’t be bothered testing it again, but if I remove the kill filter on the mail server I get around 7,500 Spam an hour, all day, every single day. In might round off over time, but at around 2 a second, that’s 63 million Spam I get sent a year.

(Update Nov 2013: It’s now around 5-10 spam a second, or if you like, up to one million a DAY. I think my server must spend half it’s processing cycles just bouncing them all back)
Blinks and does the calculation again


What can you do, eh :(

Latest and greatest, perhaps

Just created a new website I think a lot of you will like: [ ReviewMySite ]

The name says it all, really, eh! Like it says on the lid, this will be a community for reviews of YOUR web site(s) and blogs.

If you are anything like me, you will wander ant-like around of a trail of sites and forums, looking for ideas, hints, snippets of code or just insights. Wherever you go you will see a thread on ‘site reviews’. Even the best of us can use a second opinion. You can spend weeks perfecting your site, then someone with a slightly older Mozilla or slightly newer Safari will happily point out it looks like a dog’s dinner with this browser.

Well, if you go there and ask, I probably will, just like it says on the label!

(Addenda Nov 2013, I let that site go in the end, but it did have a Google Page Rank of 5 when I let it expire!)

WoHoo. I’m Frappr’ed!

Why not place yourself on the [ ] Feel free to leave your picture and comments.

(Update: Or not, that sites gone now)

What’s in a name!

Not doing anything with them yet but I rather liked the names, so I’ve put my name to these domains:

  • Locostwebdesign .com
    If I ever feel up to coming out of retirement I think web design will have to be on the table, and what better address to start with than:
    ‘Lo-Cost Web Design’
    (Update: Let that go too, long ago. If I start doing commercial sites again folk can pay me my worth, not peanuts, which means I start at £60 an hour and am not haggling)
  • ReviewMySite
    Name says it all, really. (Update: eventually let it go)
  • ClickHereFor .Biz
    Has potential, don’t you think?
  • ClickHereFor .TV
    This has to be the best! I loved this the moment I thought of it, then I sat on it. I mentioned it to a few friends even gave one first call – they all thought it was great too. Sat on it a bit more and read about sites like LogoOnline .com which sold for $39,817, VoiceOverIP .com sold for $15,200 and sites even sites like Bannana .com (it’s spelt banana, hmm) which sold, then put up again in the same forum sale straight after.Anyway, next time you reach for the remote, think, ClickHereFor .TV :D

If you are a regular, don’t worry about the colour and menus, I’m playing with the style sheets to see if it improves a few things. Think I’ll make the Ackadia a soft green. Not today though, it’s 3am about now!

Wohoo, I’m right, again! Analyse this…

Basically, a while ago Google bought up Urchin, a web analytics company. At the time (March 2005) I predicted they would release a version of it for free – and they have. WoHoo!

As these things go, Urchin – now known as Google Analytics rocks and (at the time) justified its high ticket price. And now it’s free.

OK, it’s seriously overkill for Mr and Mrs J. Public, but if you think web counter – on steroids – and you’ll maybe, maybe get the idea. Think WebTrends, if you know the package

Hugs himself happily as his registration is approved.

8th November

Busy integrating the forum, blog and photo gallery into the top menus

Mutter Note to self, simplify menu while I’m at it!
Smiley boggling. Meep, I've messed up the menu includes!

OK, menus sorted and the photo-gallery is looking something like.
Rolls up sleeves and starts hacking the forum code

Mutter The underlying code sucks, this is going to take a while! Now I remember why I kept putting it off. Still, I imagine the resulting template will be popular.

Hmmm. A walkthrough is in order. I shall write a [ Dummies guide to phpBB templates ] with the starting point as the default subSilver style. Apologies if the forum layout is all over the place while you are online, but it REALLY needs doing!

Note to self: Ditto for Google Blogger templates!

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