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Just trying out a new web traffic analyser. The statistics it gives are actually quite decent, though they have several typing errors they really do want to correct. There’s a link to it at the bottom of the front page (ackadia), if you want to try it out and the system includes a peer based ranking system. If you want to [ rate Ackadia ] and maybe leave a comment just follow this link. (Or not, that place in now a web chat site! ~ Paul Nov, 2013).

(Really must fix up the forum, but that’s looking like mid-week)

I am considering an anti-smoking site too, but we’ll see. That might be just as well here. Never enough time and energy for all I want to do! Hmmm, got a great name, so I’ve registered that too. Glutton for punishment, I guess, but I’m so eclectic Ackadia is getting unmanageable and I’m losing focus on the core elements.

If you are looking for help, tips or information on Neverwinter Nights {Search the games section]. Sometime this month I should split it by expansion, and give the heroic Deekin his own page.

Still not organised, but getting there slowly. Expect a few changes now and then as I experiment with the layout and such.

Feedback on the changes will be greatly appreciated.

~ Paul

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