Site update : under the hood work in progress!

plumber If the design and layout looks broke it’s your browser, not us – kinda!

I’m adding SSL to make the place more secure (think bouncer on the door keeping unwanted guests from the party). This tends to cause a few hiccups and teething errors as browsers can be a tad pedantic over big changes like this. If I left it unsecure none of the browsers would care, but you add a little ‘s’ to the http part of a web address and they sit bolt upright and start severely wagging their digital fingers like a demented grammarian school mistress drumming punctuation rules into txt-addled teenagers.

Part of it is down to propagation, as it can take days from changes to spread around the world and to navigate through the molasses of caches. The other part is I’ve many hundred pages to revise and that’s going to take some time.

Should be mostly right now, just need to tinker with the CSS as there’s niggles with the logo at certain browser widths. I’ll get round to those next month.


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