Sheila White : Mistakes of Yesterday

Mistakes of Yesterday

Four nice young men went out
To America for the season,
Fame and fortune they soon earned,
I fail to see the reason.
Why four nice young men came back
As different as chalk from cheeses,
If fame and fortune can do that,
It hurts more than it pleases.

They were honoured by our Queen,
Who is always kind and charming,
She gave them each a medal
But this I find alarming
They did not act with dignity
They cut such silly capers,
Then one told the sorry tale
To the Sunday papers.

With much regret my tale is told,
To bring to your attention,
That fame and fortune when abused,
Will cause pain and dissension.
When idols lead their fans astray,
And indulge in drugs and squalor
For the foolishness of yesterday
They must pay tomorrow.


© Sheila White, 1985

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