Sheila White : The Horsemen

The Horsemen

The first horseman goes riding by
"WAR, to the death" is the common cry,
Innocents in a bloodbath lie,
But the horseman rides on by.

The second horseman comes into view,
FAMINE blazoned in scarlet hue,
"God have mercy" is the cry,
But the second horseman rides on by.

The dread word PLAGUE is then perceived,
As the third horseman reigns in his steed,
He does not slacken, he does not wait
But leaves us to our ghastly fate.

The Good Book said it was to be,
But Jesus abhorred cruelty.
Will the horsemen come riding by
Or are they just death’s heads in the sky?

Or are they here?


© Sheila White, 1985

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