Site updates April 2009 through September 2009

September 2009 updates

Playing with a few ideas (for articles) at present and spending a lot of time reading, and on Twitter.

May 2009

Sigh This site used to be Page rank 7 with cross the board high-ranking. Alexa is down to a sad 575,000 now (From a high around 50,000). Really need to stop playing games and get back into the right frame of mind to work!

(Addenda: Nov 2013 As I didn’t listen to my own advice it’s now down below 1.5 million. So from amongst the highest ranked in the world to, well, not worth visiting. Need to fix this, which is what I hope I’m doing right this time. We’ll see! ~ Paul)

(A week or two later): What the heck? Smiley is shocked

Recovered the Alexa a little up to 474,299, then all a sudden my PR dropped to zero across the board!

The only changes I’ve made is a perfectly kosher .301 redirect to reduce canonical errors and removing some of the Google ads to tidy the place up. One first is approved by Google and should in theory improve my rating. NOT happy about this as it took over ten years to build it up. I’ve reset the .htaccess and I’ll have to do some digging to look into it.

(Day or two later):
Ranks are returning to normal. Stupid canonical difference, the search engines really need to get their act together on this!

Google Analytics show a staggering 38,277.27% increase in traffic, but that’s due to fixing a javascript conflict rather than anything else. Hmmm!

Recently (April 2009) joined Twitter.
It has that utterly useless look of brainless trivial nonsense to me. Guess that explains the popularity of it. Sign me up!

Can’t say I like the default flash offering on Ackadia. Let’s try the purple flash option, failing that, nice clean html! As an aside, VERY surprised there’s no widget for WordPress.

Minutes later

Nope, don’t like the first option. The second is better, but needs tweaking. HTML needs optimising and blending on a site by site basis. I did add it for a short time myself, then tore the lot out: due to the sluggish nature of Twitter, their javascript calls can add considerable delays to your web load times.

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