WoW additional instances cannot be launched

WoW 3.2 killed instances

Added this here so people can comment with their own experience if they want and to relate my ongoing frustration with the current instance problems with Warcraft.

I have written a scathing article on the matter, you can read it here : Additional instances cannot be launched

I say ‘current’ it’s actually been going on for ten months, but now it’s at the point were it is destroying the playability of the game.

Friends, guildies and my own experiences include:

10 to 40 minutes to get into Stratholme

50 minutes to get into Serpentine Caves

10 to 15 minutes to get into Dead Mine

40 to 80 minutes to get into Zul’amon

40 to 75 minutes to get into Black Temple

Failed to get into Shattered Halls (gave up at 45 minutes)

Failed to get into Stockades!!! (gave up at 90 minutes)

Failed to get into Zul’Gurub (Gave up – twice at 2 hours and 3 hours respectively)

Failed to get into Magister’s Terrace (FIVE hours of trying)

At the point now where I am seriously considering cancelling my subscription until it is fixed. Since 3.2 most instances are simply not accessible!

2 thoughts on “WoW additional instances cannot be launched”

  1. Anonymous : Go to a lower populated server. Problem solved.

    Either you are a fool, or you work for Blizzard, or both.

    Firstly, the heck I’d pay Blizzard £80 to move my alts to another server because they wouldn’t (not couldn’t) fix a resources issue.

    Secondly, genius, if everyone took your advice the people on the lower populated servers would have been be swamped.

    Finally, the issue (now finally fixed) affected all servers and moving would not of solved it – which you’d know if you’d bothered to look on the forums or Google the problem.

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