WoW You have been disconnected from the server – AGAIN

Warcraft DC issues continue

Another Wednesday, another entire day wasted as Blizzard do “something” to the Warcraft servers during their weekly maintenance and countless players like myself cannot log in – again.

Here’s a quote from the forum’s that I can wholly relate to:

Quote: “I disconnect in high-population areas after any hotfix, patch, update, change, etc. My internet completely shuts down and a modem restart is required.”

Blizzard WoW DC - Disconnected from Server

WHY can’t Blizzard be honest about the issue? It’s been going on for years. At least add the reason for closing your account when you are so fed up to the back teeth of paying for a service you cannot use while they sit back and count the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS pouring into their coffers every year.

Real reason to quit WoW

Reason for leaving : Sick to death of lag issues and constant disconnections.

A quick Google search returns: Results 1 – 10 of about 859,000 for You have Been Disconnected from the Server.

Naturally it won’t all be Warcraft, but a lot of it is.

If you go to their forums it is a barrage of people have the same issues week after week, year after year, to whom hired lackies trot out the same tired old excuses.

The favourites are:

It’s not us, it’s:

  • your router
  • your network card / wireless card
  • your ISP provider
  • your drivers
  • your computer
  • your cache, clear that
  • your add-ons

AND Yet:

Look at the thread on the forums and you will see hundred’s, if not thousands of posts like the following:

Same issue, I have to stay out of all major cities, if I log and try to log in during heavy traffic times, I will never sign in, I just get screen right back to character selection.
I can’t do 25 Man Raids, and 5 and 10 man are almost unplayable.
100’s of people complaining about same issue’ but blizzard continues the approach of saying its our modems, routers, isp’s, computers, bla bla bla. I guess the hundreds if not 1000’s of us complaining all have crappy internet, routers, computers and such.”

And to every complaint there is a queue of hired monkey’s trying to cover for them.

If some cases it may be true, especially add-ons – but they just compound an existing issues.

Put in a nutshell, if you have a poor wireless or internet connection, there are days when the game is inaccessible. It you character was out in the wilds, fine. If you left all your alts in Dalaran – or as it is usually called “Lagaran” forget it and go play another game.

And when, week after week, month after you end up saying, “Forget it, I’ll play another game” then it’s time to stop feeding your money to them, ‘cos it’s clear they do not care.

For me, likely many, many others, I have to use wireless. Their standard advice is this: “Don’t”

Well that’s great. You take billions of dollars year in revenue and can’t afford the R&D to iron out a flooding issue your game causes.

Following pages of so-called fixes from a so-called technician one person observes:

Quote: “It’s strange that this only happened for the first time ever as soon as the love event was introduced. The net works fine on other games.”


Our hardware and internet go from being perfectly fine to faulty overnight.

“Yes, yes indeed, subscribers. I know it only happens when you log into WoW and nowhere else, ever, EVER, I get that, but trust me, Blizzard pay my wages, it’s your hardware, not ours. Honest.”

I call Bull!

AND YET while the official forums trot out the said old excuses and FUD, the log in for the game tells you they know of the issues:

Blizzard latency and DCs

Just stop lying to us Blizzard. 11 millions users can’t all be stupid with faulty hardware. It’s blindly obvious that you are scrabbling greedily for more and more and more subscribers and simply never scaling up the hardware at the same rate.


64 thoughts on “WoW You have been disconnected from the server – AGAIN”

  1. *** this **** im done im about to break my computer cuz of them. i cant even reach my charachter page. its ******* annoying but this is my theory follow me on this : they got around 11-22 million customers and they are tracking the log in and log out times of each customer or player so to speak. well if you have reccently had contact with a GM and it did not go so well they just block your account with the excuse that you are disconnected while you try to log in they are still following your attempt to log in and they all just laugh and count the ******* money you spend on there crappy ******* game

    1. Well, that was a heartfelt opinion. Apart from a little Starcraft, I’m done with Blizzard and it’s parent myself, their greed and flaws (or strengths if you want a half full cup) when it comes to WoW have burnt me out of the game, and most of the people I knew too. The few that still play nowe are constantly getting uptight over huge log-in times, often lasting hours. By me though, prone as I am to obsessions, it was the grind and the store that killed the game.

      I noted the recent change that if you buy the Vanilla now you get free expansions up to level 85, a sign of desperation, perhaps. Compare this to their store where they offer ever more pets, mounts and now gear for cold, hard cash. What, the monthly subs from 11 million accounts isn’t enough, you feel the need to ask £10 (€12) for cosmetic vanity items like the Crown of Eternal Winter? I’m just waiting for the outcry when they start offering game changing gear with stats on the store.

      Recently, the other week in fact, they emailed me, offering a weeks free play, trying to get back into the game. I deleted it, I thought about it first though, and therein lies the problem. As a friend said, it’s like offering a cigarette to someone that gave up smoking, or a ‘fix’ for a junkie that’s trying to dry out. You only have to Google ‘World of Warcrack’ to know the addict analogy it close the the mark. So, I considered their free hook and decided I would be a fool to bite. What would I do, camp AH for gold I don’t need? Mindlessly farm mats? Start new alts on more servers, grind up the levels and get raiding again, following the sheep to desperately replace my some of my gear every week, until the next content when I MUST again have a better iLevel, another 5 dps, better hots? No thank you.

  2. Playing a trial/free version to see if I like the game enough to subscribe (one day in the future) and I’ve had disconnecting issues a few times tonight. My character’s in a major city (Stormwind), but it’s never been this extreme with getting disconnected so often. Somewhat disheartening with the comments here, it makes me wonder if I should even bother upgrade when Blizzard’s being greedy and not fixing their issues. They’re losing players this way, for goodness sake. -_- They really need to get their act together!

  3. this Disconected from the server is really pissing me offffffffff!!!!! Every time i enter it disconnects meeeeee agrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  4. the heck!!!! i’ve only played for like 2 weeks only and today the same thing happen to me,well it was ok hours before but now its sign in and boom!! “you’ve been disconnected from the server”!!!!! and im startin to love tht game…….=(

  5. Happened to me and my friend at the same time, we tried to log in on Ravenholdt, which is a medium population server, I swear if this problem persist’s, i will just have to start playing Runescape again because there is never a problem with it and its online so I don’t have to download shit and buy stuff in excess of $200 every other month.

  6. i have been playing wow for over 3 years now + loved it.i used 2 spend every spare minute i had on it,now randomly i get dc every 2 seconds after loggin on.i can go months + have no problems then out of the blue it happens + just cant stay logged on.their is **** all wrong with my router/laptop etc….iam cancelling both accounts i have + it breaks my ****** heart….**** u blizzz u bunch of ******s!!!!

  7. Just wanted to say that you have to stay out of mayor cities. My advise is go on low populated servers. It might be boring but i do not have any other advise. I go on low populated coz i like to change my hairstyle a lot.

  8. Same here…i can’t even log in! Because if i do i see my draenei for one second in stormwind city then i get disconnected. This is all literally. I already tried to make a new character then log in, then log out and go on my draenei but it doesn’t work. It even happens when i try to jump over a fence or something but touch the fence. This all happened after cata came.

  9. Been playing wow for a couple years now and up untill a few weeks ago I would NEVER disconnect this much, as soon as I log in I get DC about 20 – 60 sec after, so I contact Blizz, and oh… “It’s your router/modem…” NOTHING has changed on my end since I started playing, so yea… it must be me right…. I cant even play anymore. Gunna have to quite for good anyway :(

  10. I bought wow a week ago and cant even get into the bloody thing
    says you have been disconnected from the server and shits my internet so i have to keep restarting that

  11. Yea same shit…
    Basically WoW is a game that isn’t playable by anyone who doesn’t have a good salary. I have mid class salary, so keeping the BEST hardware every fucking month just isn’t possible. Thanks Blizzard for just pissing me off. I say everyone just log off.

  12. Pirated Wow to give it a shot.. played on a private server, got to level 24, loved it, except there wernt many people there, so i bought retail wow, subscribed, and its absaloutely crap. I cant believe i went out and BOUGHT a fucking DOWNGRADE. F U BLIZZARD

  13. If you have lag issues in major cities it’s probably your video card or ram. Turn all video settings to low and un-check all that bull shit. Now try a major city… You should be fine. =)

    1. Sorry Chris, but NO, as I said, I’ve tested this thoroughly. Besides the fact my games PC is very well built, it is purely a data overload issue. Turning everything down may help a little if you have a slow pc, and certainly reducing the viewing distance does, but that’s the point… if you are on a wireless network your connection cannot handle cities most of the time – and especially so after a patch. Blizzard KNOW this and either cannot or more likely will not fix it. For a time they even had this as a reason (in options when cancelling your subscription) for people quitting the game.

      If I knew I was losing £120 a year every time a player quit in frustration, I had demographics to show I was losing hundreds of thousands of player a year (tens of millions of dollars a year). I know I’d sort it!

      Between the naffness of Cataclysm, the incessant dumbing down of the game and the disgusting greed of Activision as more and more in-games items are added to the store for cash (greedily exploiting collectors) – and more recently saying they will offer ‘premium rate’ accounts for players that work to group up cross server…

      According to everything I’ve heard Blizzard is losing hundreds of thousands of players every month now – that’s possibly as many as a million this year!

      And I’m one of them, or two actually as I cancelled my second account when Cata came out.

  14. Year in, year out, same complaints. If you add up the number of players they must have lost over this it must easily run into many, many millions of dollars in lost revenue.

    They may have millions of players but if you include knock on sales, every 1,000 they hemhorrhage because they cannot or will not fix these issues costs them up to $250,000 a year. Not a trifle – especially seeing as Activision as a whole aren’t doing so well and it’s WoW keeping them in profit. For now…

  15. -_-i just have 5 days left on my trial,yet it STILL disconnects me from servers.(P.S.i never created a character -_-WoW keeps dc me

  16. i can logg into wow on my desktop at my jouse but when i go to my beach house on my laptop i can only log in but when i choose my toon, the loading bar finishes then it pops up you have been disconnected from server somebody help

  17. I’m trying to get an achievment “one hump or two humps” I was figuring out how to get into uldum while I was a ghost and it gave me a flying mount automatically and now every time i enter the world I’m in the same place DISCONNECTED FROM THE SERVER.

  18. I just started my second month playing. At 1 am on a Friday morning (hardly peak hours for a US server), i was d/c’ed. I tried to close and login, but shortly after entering my password, I got the infamous “You have been disconnected from our server” message. I wasn’t even able to load my characters. Not only is WoW no working, but my internet won’t load, or the WoW tech help site, but every other site on the internet opens with no problem (not actually tested). Agggghhhhh. Blizzard needs to get its act together.

    1. well, equals situations of MaVany…

      but… I HAVE THE SOLUTION!!!
      let’s follow the steps:

      1- Stop play WoW. My char *sniff, sniff* (yeah, I know, BUT it’s the life)
      2- Install LOTRO (Lord Of The Rings Online), why? Its free from bugs, free from latencys, and free (of money, not all, but who’s pay WoW certaly will pay LOTRO)
      3- Be happy!

      Personal opinion, LOTRO dont desapoint me yet…
      Sry for my english anyway…

  19. I re-subbed WoW four days ago so that I could help set-up a new Horde Guild with my two sons. Since then I have been unable to logon to the game once. It simply says ‘Connecting’ and then a few seconds later ‘You Have Been Disconnected from the Server’. I’ve spent the last four days in telephone and email discussions with Blizzard Technical and Account support and just about torn my Pc apart and put it back together again. Nothing has worked. The final conclusion from Blizzard was that my ISP has set my network connection up incorrectly, although I’ve been using it for over 10 years without a problem and even played WoW on it in 2005.

    The Problem is not actually with WoW itself, as a network trace showed that it was the server which was being disconnected, even before it authenticated my account.

    An interesting side note to this was that I read of some players who were able to access their US based accounts even thgouht they couldn’t get onto their EU ones. So, I did a network trace on the server to see if I could access that. Not only could I access it, but in fact despite have 20 hops in the trace as opposed to 12 hops to get to the EU server, the actual server response times in the US were five times faster than those in the EU chain and so connection was four times faster when connecting from Europe to the USA, than when connecting directly to the local server.

    The problem seesm to be the servers, of which their were four in the connection chain to the EU login server, each of which was taking in excess of 1,000ms to respond, when the average boradband connection should be around 200ms.

    My ISP’s servers were responding within 30ms except the last one which had to wait for the server to answer it.

    The slowest server in the US chain took just 230ms to respond, the slowest EU one 1,470ms.

  20. Hey guys, i found a way to fix this problem. If you have At-t, and a 2wire router. You have to go into your 2wire settings and make sure that the router is set to 802.11b. This permenately fixed the issue for me, hope it helps you all out

  21. i start think they no want find solution. becouse if u lose ur old players maybe u start again again again and the make moooore $$$$$$ !!1 or not?

  22. I just bought a brand new laptop ($750), it nearly doubles the recommended playing hardware requirements. The only way WoW will allow me to connect is if I have an Ethernet cable directly connecting my laptop to the router. I would be fine with this except that my friend comes over and plays WoW on his 5 year old piece of shit laptop on the same internet with absolutely no problems without an Ethernet cable. WTF!!!!! We both have the same version with the same add-ons. I have no idea why the Ethernet cable makes a difference for mine, it doesn’t increase my connection or download speed. I also have no fucking idea why his piece of shit laptop runs into less problems than my badass (in comparison) laptop.

  23. Here this should be useful. If you have just started playing WoW and dont have any of the expansions you could be getting disconnected because you are in an area where it is needed to have the necessary expansions. For example, I was questing with my hunter in Desolace for about 30 minutes until I got disconnected. I found out in one of the above posts that it is because you need the Cataclysm expansion to be able to go into Desolace resulting in my character getting “stuck”. Best way to fix it is to make a new character and ask a GM to move your toon somewhere else. Then buy the expansions :) hope this helped.

  24. This has just happened to me now and this post has been here since February 2010. It is now January 2011, nearly a whole year and Blizzard can’t get off their asses (which are placed neatly on millions and millions of dollars conveniently) and fix this problem.

    I’m contemplating leaving all together, this is unacceptable and is a service like this really worth a monthly payment?

    P.S. Actually you’re right Blizzard, it’s all our fault. Cheers for the heads up!

  25. I have exactly the same problem for a week now, I contacted the Customer services and they told me that lately some caracters are getting stuck , you should create a new caracter (if you do not have another one) and ask a GM to “unstuck” your caracter then it should be fine… I just did it and we will see tomorrow if it did work…

  26. Hi!
    The same happened to me, i tried EVERYTHING, even uninstalling and installing again. My boyfirend has Cataclysm, and I only have WoW.
    We play with the same router and he could enter and play with my character but I couldn’t.
    The conclusion was that some quests have been mixed up with Cataclysm and you reach places you wouldn’t have without Cataclysm. He entered my character in his computer and took me out of Desolace… and problem solved! I could play again without problems…!!!!!
    Hope this helps someone!!!

  27. Basically i know why this shit happens.

    Just go to wow settings and reduce the view distance. (if not work try with minimum)

    Its not really their fault. its modems fault. cant handle so much download/upload in once. so it just breakdown the internet.

  28. i have had the game for 2weeks i love it to bits, i have 50mb internet broadband i have a six core pc downstairs also a quadcore and dual core upstairs i have a brand new router yet i cannot get connected , yet at the same time my son is on wow upstairs playing it too.???? i don’t get it i’ve followed all the might be this might be thats and no f*****g wow still???? ive payed for everything so why can’t i use it? what a let down. my pc is only a month old and has no trouble on other wow characters apart from my favourate one, i wanna cry!

  29. Ok!!! I am a new player and this happened to me when I was at level 34… I couldnt log in for weeks…. So I created I new character and quess what!!!! I finally made it to level 32 again!!! And voila!!!! I am disconected from the server…… For days now…. The thing is that even in my old character I cant log in!!!! And that was happened months earlier…. Do you ever manage to stay connected again???? Cause really it is not fun to have to start over again… And I wont… Whats the point??? I ll have to do the same quests for the 3th time and then again I ll be disconnected….

  30. Hi guys.

    I had the same problem today!
    i tried everything!!
    And at the end the location i was standing in was my disconnection problem.
    So i asked a friend of mine to login at my account on his pc to send my account to HS(heartstone) location.
    After he logged out i tried to log-in and poef! i was able to play again!
    hope this will work for u all!
    Sorry for my bad english….
    Im from holland u know ;)


  31. This is makeing crazy, I was having fun Played for 3 hours and all of a sudden I get the U have been disconnected from server. I am a fairly new account, As soon as I pay my first 15 dollars Couple days after Cata Dropped Things messed up. 2nd day in a row this happened around same time. PS. I reset computer, Modem, Router. Nothing then disconnected router and Hard Wired 2 Modem, Reset everything, and nothing. Screwed up my passwords on my router for this. PSS Internet and everything else works great. Not WoW

  32. same shit different day

    played fine for many years .. of disconnect eery so often but nothing stopped me from logging back in … however today i was questing like i normally do when suddenly i get disconnected and upon trying to log back in all i get is ‘connecting’ i dont even get ‘ you have been disconnected’ untill 10 mins later.. this has never happened to me before in many years playing the game ….. and befor blizzard tells me its a problem my side involving my internet or hardware … then how come i can post this comment ?.

  33. Worked fine for me 3 hours ago and now I can’t log in. :( I type in my password and the authentication code and it just says connecting until the infamous “you’ve been disconnected from our server” pops up. It’s been like this for the past 30 minutes and It’s pissing me off.

  34. The problem is they’re simply adding new servers to cope with the new accounts, they are not looking after the older servers that are still having increases in population due to new player wanting to join with friends ect, resulting in massive overcrowding and of course the DC’s that we all hate.
    UPGRADE your hardware BLIZARD!!!



    I’ve been playing wow for a while now, everything was fine until they put in the “angry elements” and I started getting disconnected from the server. Then they upgraded it to Cataclysm and all I can do is sign in select charater press enter world and “you’ve been disconnected from the server”, GRRRRRRRRRRR! WTF

  37. i just completely f-disc’d my pc (erased it) and re-did everything. Guess what ******* message i got! blah blah authenticating blah “YOU HAVE BEEN DISCONNECTED FROM THE GOD DAMNED SERVER!i got pissed at the game after over 9000 tries and never played again.

  38. This happened to me last night after a particularly rough ending to an rp me and a guildie were involved in. I WANT MY ****ING WOW blizzard. I know damn fine and well my internet isn’t horrid. my router has been reset. My addon’s are fine. EVERYTHING YOU SAY IS NOT THE PROBLEM. I mean i might not like it but ill take my sorry ass to everquest if i need to.

  39. Not 2 minutes after I wrote the above statement, I was able to log in. My computer/router must have miraculously fixed itself!!!! Its amazing, thanks Blizzard for the great tech support!! GRRRRRRRRRRR (Sarcastic smile)

  40. This is freaking annoying, it happened to me last night for the millionth time, my question would be, if its my computer/router or whatever lame excuse, then why is it that for months I can play normally, with my same internet, and then all of the sudden it just messes up. I can usually wait a couple of hours and log back in, but seriously, this is soooooooooo annoying! I work full time and work alot of hours and hardly get time to play as it is, then when I do get the time it won’t let me play.

      1. Ditto. I’ve lost a character now as I’m in a city that I got ‘disconnected’ on, and every time I have ever tried to log back into that character I get disconnected the second I log in, before I’m able to even press a button to control the character. GRR.

  41. Same here. Played 100% fine for 2 months, and now can’t stay logged in for more than 30-90 seconds. But obviously it’s my fault.

  42. Omg dude, you just said what i’ve been thinking all along, ****** **** called to blizzard tech support about this problem 10 times now, and they allways say the same things as
    * it’s your router
    * it’s your network card / wireless card
    * it’s your ISP provider
    * it’s your drivers
    * it’s your computer
    * it’s your cache, clear that
    * it’s your add-ons
    And i’ve fixed all of that, but still the problem seems to not go the **** away. Blizzard fails. ****** **** they get like what?.. 100 mill a month? and they can’t even ******* get the game to work properly

  43. I know this has actually ****** you off alot. I actually wish I could do more to help other than just point ya to threads on the forum for you to respond to and they have taken that right away and now I feel useless ><

    i will chat to ya when I can get old of ya and try and help again

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