Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant: Solution

Wizardry VII Intro

This is just that first draft (copy and paste from an old table-based .html/.php, first written back in 1993. I’ll tidy it up over the next few days, probably. (links to populate next).

If you are new to the game or want to see what it’s all about, I found this excellent review on youtube. Lasts an hour and a half, but well worth the investment if you want to get into the game.

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Complete solution to Wizardry VII: Crusaders of the Dark Savant

Total spoiler by Paul Ackerley & The Jester (1993)

Before you hit “print” – this is 40 pages long!

Intro, Places to go, People to see…


Weapons, Artifacts & Characters – A to Z


Bonuses rolled can be as high as 26 (perhaps more). You are well-advised to take the time to keep retrying until you see “Lord” as an option. One good tactic is to roll to get a Lord, then put the points into a parallel path (as you can and should change classes about as you progress. Lower classes also level faster, giving faster points to allocate.

For instance, suppose you want to be a halfling ‘ninja’. Roll for enough points to create a Hobbit ‘Lord’, create a thief (you’ll appreciate the larceny skills later), assign the points towards (later) becoming a ninja, put any spare points into vitality.

Similarly for a Bishop, level as a Bishop, or a Priest, or a Mage. And so forth. (See tips, point 5. below)

NOTE HOWEVER that this (now?) resets your stats to the profession baseline. Saving and restoring before each level becomes important again :/

Use any leftover points on Vitality – you’ll need the extra hit points.

For the race, I prefer to use Dracons for the breath ability, it is a huge stamina drain, but when you are on the back row and out of magic, breath can make a difference in a tight fight, especially early on.


1) ALWAYS save before opening Chests. Besides the obvious risk to life and limb, persistence can often yield better and/or more powerful weapons, armour etc.

2) Be careful where you leave items as other parties can pick up what you drop. This is true from your megadeath +6 sword through to artefacts you cannot finish the game without!

3) Stagger your saves by area. e.g. Upkyr1, Nycatal, Game.bak This is true of most games, but most games simply aren’t this big! Believe me, getting up to level 40+ and finding out that the cursed item you dropped is essential, but it’s not where you left it, well…

4) Cast LEVITATE before dropping down any holes. It saves unnecessary damage. Incidentally, level 1 is fine in all cases. If you need more than this you simply are not going to survive the fall.

5) Change professions as regularly as is sensible/possible. I have a Ranger with full Samurai, Psionic, Alchemist and Priest abilities. I go up about 7 levels, gain 50 – 60% magic, then swap to a complementary profession. You get far more level raises to add points to weapon skills etc… Her magic power exceeds 3,000 points!

6) Try to get KIRIJUTSU and Academic skill for EVERY character. Also MUSIC for at least one character

7) The following should be considered essential for everyone in the party:- Lifesteal, Nuclear Blast, Armor Melt, Sleep, Silence, Crush, Poison Gas, Dispel Undead, Heal, Firestorm, Toxic Fumes (or similar), Acid Bomb, FireBomb/Ball, Deepfreeze, Death, Deadly Poison, Stamina, Slow, Astral Gate, Draining Cloud, Conjuration/Create Life -Preferably both, Anti-magic.

8) The following should be considered essential for AT LEAST one member of the party:- Mindread, Ice Shield, Fire Shield, Missile Shield, Cure Poison, Cure Disease, Cure Paralysis, Cure Lesser Condition, Haste, Air Pocket, Purify Air, Direction, Asphyxiation, Death Wish, Knock Knock, Remove Curse, Identify, Levitate and Wizards Eye.

If you think it’s hard early on, boy you are in for a nasty surprise. Later on, you will face Demons – up to 45 at a time. Monsters with 6,000+ hit points. Jellies that cast multiple Dazzling Lights, can’t be silenced. If you intend to face off this monster hang on to those Bat necklaces – they help a little. Then there’s Fiends. These get the jump on you for 99/199 per hit + poison + critical strike.

9) Toggle between EASY and EXPERT mode. The former means fewer monsters attack and they are less likely to cast spells/breath. This has two uses, one before resting and two, to get the necessary attribute increases to swap between the various professions. For instance, Aleph needs Speed +1 to make a Samurai and Omega needs Piety +1, Personality +1 to become a Lord. They need 600 and 1,800 ep’s respectively. In expert level you’re more likely to face the hoards of hell and gain 20,000+ ep’s. For Easy mode you can hope to raise just the one, then the other. Of course it may take a dozen little fights to get the correct figures, but if the alternative is 600,000 ep’s before you can try again…

10) Get EVERYONE the NINJUTSU Hide in Shadows skill and get it up to 100% ASAP. This tip will make defeating almost any hoard easy. In the first Attack Round hide everyone in shadows. If even one character is visible then you can get fireballed etc. However, with all six hidden you are safe. Forget weapons attacks. Just keep casting spells and you are free from reprisals.

11) If you USE Jonga powder on the GOLDEN URNS it turns the traps off on that level. (Isle of Crypts and Dionysceus)

12) NOTE:- One of the games selling points is that it isn’t a fixed plot. NPC’s wander around killing each other and collecting the maps and such. How, and in what order you interact with the lands inhabitants affects parts of the rest of the game. Thus, while I sided in favour of the Umpani, you may choose to support the T’Rang and find some things below that are different. Not to worry, the essential parts to finishing the game will remain stable, whatever your strategy.


Firstly, get EVERYONE the FIREARMS ability. In itself it’s nothing great, however, you get 1-2 points to distribute for each Personal Skill you have. The quicker you raise these – especially the Mind Control one, the easier – and longer – your life will be.

You get this by going on a few missions for the Umpani in Upkyr. You must be in the right career first though. Make sure that your characters have it BEFORE you deliver Rodan’s reply to General Yamo because it will be too late otherwise.

To get this invoke the GEM OF POWER, found in Gorn Castle. Only one character gets this ability so give it to the one most likely to end up as a Fighter/Lord.

Say “Reflextion” to Blenhiem while in the Thieves Guild (in the Rattkin Ruins) and he will sell you the Ring of Reflextion for 10,000 gp. Again only one person gets this.

You’ll need to search awhile to find all the ingredients, but here’s how:-
Merge BLUE MYTHIA (Witch Mnt) with RED POSIS (Collossus Cavern – a ledge by the water).
Merge PURPLE PLUMAC (Witch Mnt) with WHITE DAHLIA (Upkyr Mnt)
Merge the above to form a Garland, then merge this with HOLY WATER to make the Potion of Snakespeed.

NOTE: When drunk, the person with this elixir potion in their inventory gets the special ability – unlike most others where you are given the option as to who sups the potion. Again, only one gets it.

On the road between Dionysceus and Nycatalinth you will see a group of T’Rang (Assassins) attacking a Helazoid. You must save her to get the HELAZOID BANNER. Note that these are tough buggers and have a load of buddies along for the party. Now is a good time to use Nuclear Blast etc. If you face them and have to run off don’t expect to find them there another time. If you do run scared expect to meet one angry Helazoid dame later! Hang on to the banner and GIVE it when you meet the Helazoid Queen in the City of The Sky to get the HELAZOID PENDANT. Again, only one gets this.

Go to Dionysceus to get this. Kill the Psi Beast in the Temple of Eternal Darkness, then go back to the Initiates room on this level. “Meditate upon the word” when asked. NOTE:- If you fall asleep you must retry. Subsequent meditation increases it further, as do normal level raises.


From the start, you can go one of four ways although only one is advised at the moment, however.

1. Through the Trees – leads you to the coast and a chest. The contents include a MAP kit which you will need if you ever want to make the slightest progress! You’ll have to fight quite a few types of Phoot to get it.

2. Through the Wild Orchids – only do this if you are high enough in level to resist the effects. Save your game all the way through.

3. To New City – you have to deal with a Rattkin ambush.

4. To the Horror of “Rau-Sep-Re-Ta” – Quite an easy dungeon with a very useful healing fountain. I advise you go this way first, then to the chest in the trees and then to New City. Iron keys open doors in the dungeon.


To enter the city answer: “Palukes Armoury” to the guard’s question. Pewter Keys open doors.


Copper penny in Vault. Need to pick locks to get in.

Exit for the Anthracax (see Nycatalinth).

A sign which reads __d C_ty __ces_. Old City access. Use the key from Professor Wunderland.

A door which needs a Control Card to enter it. To get this see Nycatalinth.
Beyond the door, you have a tough fight to gain access to the control panel.

The Computer:-

Use the Comm Links and input the server code you learnt from the T’Rang Machine and the Savants under Nycatalinth.
After Using the Comm-Link Device:-

Type 023@41A2 then BLACK SHIP COMMAND

to access the ship files.
You can find out info on Phoonzang, Shritis, H’Jenn-Ra Hest ETC.



Make sure you call up DOMINAE!

(Central Security Access Code – Security Cell device – to release, or kick the door down…)

The door is opened by pressing Blue, Yellow, Yellow, Red. Searching the end wall will give you the prison keys. In a cell here you will find Capt. Boerigard, a Gorn. On the talk option ask him about the Gorn Castle etc. and he’ll give you a message to deliver to his king.

Brother Rulae tells you of Brother Tshober who guards the bridge to Munkharama (150gp to cross). You can also be healed but I wouldn’t advise it – save your money. Instead say “I have learned the Holy Sacrament” This gives you access to a healing fountain. You have to repeat it every time, but hey, No pain, no gain! Visit the statue in the centre of the pool and search it to find the Moonstone.

Run by an Umpani. Answer “The Black Market” to enter. Good prices for sold items here!

Buy your Armour here.

Entrance is gained by using the coin from the Bank. In here are the Petrified Homunculus, The Magic Wand and the Imp Faces. You can reach to get the wand and will be given the Rebbus Egge but beware as you will end up diseased. To get the boat, press the faces in the following order:

Scared, Anger, Laugh, Silent, Surprised, Happy.

Use Wikums Globe of Power (from Munkharama) in the boat and press the button to exit onto the sea.

Only accessed from Upkyr unless barged (See Upkyr). Rodan Lewarx is found here. Behind the coded door is a Comm Link Device. The code is:

2 7 2 3 5 3 9.

Here you will find a red tome (Book of Fables) guarded by two Savant SV-Controllers who are likely to attack if disturbed. In the next room is Prof Wunderland who will tell you of Old City and the Higardi. There is also a house with a chest nearby. Prof Wunderland has the Old City Access Key.

BUNKER (near Munkharama exit)
A card that reads ETX:BYYR. This gives the codes for the prison door.

Accommodation and food.

Magic items for sale. Only open at night.

Hear the tale of the beast in the Sea of Sorrows called Brombadeg. In the room beyond is the boat he is working on.

Most contain chests.

Use the key from Prof Wunderland with the Old City Access hole. Not a lot in the dungeons except an Ankh of Youth and a few goodies in chests.


If you wish you can join the Brotherhood although it does cost you money. Answer yes when Almagorte asks you. You can buy Jonga Powder from him.

Put the Golden Idol on the altar to open the portcullis.

Nice puzzle to cross the pits. On the other side, you will be silenced. Belcanazor’s Emporium – here during the day. A parchment says you need something from him but I’m not sure what, if anything.

Wander around in the dark and get veggitated and attacked – what fun! NOT! Get the Beast key from the Initiates and then fight the Psi-Beast (about 190 hp) to be told the word is “Moo”. Go back to the meditation chamber for the Golden statue and “Meditate upon the Word” to get MIND CONTROL SKILL – but only IF you DON’T sleep. There is also a handy healing fountain on this level.

More fun! Watch in horror as you get whisked about all over the place. Actually, it’s not that bad and there’s a fair bit of useful treasure and visions of skimpily clad ladies to make up for it. You need to find the Stone of Gateways of this level. NB You REALLY need a map here.

Four chests, all booby-trapped and go off as soon as you look at them. In the centre of the chamber is an urn. At least there’s no Bantags here … just Nymphs, Wraiths, Psychic Floaters… One of the coffer keys opens the door but beware as you are vegitated on the other side. There are two more rooms of coffers with keys, the idol and some treasure. A secret door points to where some beggar beats you to another map.

Nothing too difficult here, at least to start with. The entrance room just spins you around randomly so use your map (also walls disappear after being looked at). Getting the idol isn’t too hard but then the problems may start. The exit gives a way back to the start of the tower while another teleports you onto the top of the tower where the demon lives. The first lever is the express to the first floor. The second teleports you into the demon chamber. The stairs lead down to Torquesade’s Chamber. Go into the Demon Chamber and use the following in this order: Munk innards, Ashes of Diam, Stone of Gateways and the Book of Immortals (Given a high enough Artifact (Scroll?) ability this casts Anti-magic on ’em). After the fight, rest and drop into the pit and get the horn.

Defeating Torquesade gives you an amulet pro magic and some nice enchanted robes. Search his body and use the Ring of Demons you find on the door. Enter his chamber and press the button. Then use the demon’s horn on the door to get into where the chest is.

The cushion can be sold, the staff you need to enter the Dragon Mountains. Incidentally, one of the fountains could leave you stoned…

Return to the Egress to exit.



You need a finger rod to get in which you will find in the cooking chamber in the Imperial Complex.
Behind the Breeding Grounds is the Old Graveyard.

There are a few graves that need to be dug up. One will yield an Ymmu’s Paw and jewellery, another drops you into the caverns.

Several places of interest: The remains of some adventurers will give you armour etc. A couple of chests with some goodies can also be found. Beware of poisonous gas pockets on your travels.

When you find the egg chamber USE the Thermal Pineapple and then fight H’Jenn Ra Hest for your country. (OK, for another map piece).

Returning to the surface you will find a statue. Dig here to get a miniature statue. Use this in the crypt where the ghost takes the staff from. The ghost returns and takes the statue leaving you with the staff. Equip the cursed staff to get past the barrier and into Vilet Kanabe’s tomb. Here you will find the Serpent Map.

Nothing special here but in one of the rooms at the entrance you will find the Port Logbook (Use the TX-Coder on it).

Your reward for a lot of hard fights are two Shock Rods, a Stun Rod and a Mystery Ray Gun. The doors are opened with the finger rods.

You will find 2 finger rods.

You will have an audience with the Emperor who will send you to give a message to Shritis. You then follow directions and get teleported to New City to meet Shritis. After talking to him, open the chest and get the Control Card.
On returning here the Emperor tells you of the boat map beneath the Rattkin Ruins and how to get it.
Beneath the Chambers are some caverns where you will find three frozen Savant Guards. Using the Mystery Ray Gun on them animates them and one will give you another server code:- 018@67C1

Upon witnessing the termination of a program you are given a scroll.
The server code on the scroll is:- 023@41A2
The TX-Coder is also found here

THE SACRED GROVE (Near Nycatalinth)

Guarded by Man-O-Groves and Halloweeches. Be warned – after killing the first lot of monsters you are faced by at least two more before you can save your game. Once in the Grove use the Bonsai Tree on the tree. You will be granted a boon which is to be let into the Rattkin Ruins (go to the Smiling Tree). There is a chest of goodies here too.


When you rescue Capt. Boerigard and ask him about the castle etc. he will give you a letter to get past Lord Galiere and a message to give to the King in Orkogre Castle. The message is “The Dartaen Alliance is broken.”

First, go to the two Guard Rooms and get the keys. Back on the first level find the other staircase leading down and get the polished steelplate and the comb. Use the plate outside (after searching) Murkatos Sanctum to gain entrance and press the button under the cushion. Get the keys and go to the prison.

Clear all the cells and take the food. Press the button in the left middle cell, pull the lever in the top right and drop down the pit in the bottom left. In the sewer press the button which opens a ladder at the opposite end of the sewer. Go up the ladder and defeat the Guardian of Murkatos’ Inner Sanctum. (Not an easy task). Entering the Spectral Raven room be prepared for a bit of a battle as you get attacked by loads of the beasties and you are silenced as you enter. Your rewards are The Azure Key and the Gem of Power – this grants POWERSTRIKE. The Azure key opens the door to a Healing fountain.

Go out and up to Gorkos the Ape Killer; show him the bananas. He will pull the lever which reveals a lever by the Throne room door allowing you access. If you search for the king’s map, well, I guess you know what’s next…


At the Bridge – Tell T’shober “Slay not he that cannot hear”. The reply is: “Be thankful ye that hath an ear”. You will be given a trolley for crossing the river and asked to retrieve the Holy Covenant for Xen Xheng.

Another alternative is to kill him. A bit bloody-minded mind, but it has its uses. From now on every time you come to the river crossing you will face T’Shobers’ ghost (2 in expert mode) and a host of demons. This ghost is one mean dude so don’t expect to dispel him easily. He has 200+ hp, drain hit points and casts loads of spells. Still for 75-150,000+ ep what do expect!

In the centre of the first courtyard is an Island with a statue on it of the Builder. Search the pools and you will find four jewelled coins. Use these in the urns in the right order and return to the statue. Use the Moonstone to be teleported to under Munkharama.

Under the arches, there is a chest with a Rubber Bear in! Worth 1500 xp (and invokes Swimming skill). Also, there is a bathing pool for practising swimming and Mosers Apothecary. Moser is a useful source of information. He tells you what you need to say to get into the Gran Melange Palace. He also tells you that to get to Xhengs School you must cross the Land of Dreams.

At the well shout COINS. Use the coins you get in the slots in the doors. One way takes you to the Palace of Dreams. The other takes you to the Spindle chamber. Here you will eventually find four beans each marked with a tarot symbol. Use these in the receptacles and then return to the spindle and use it. The spindle reveals BLACK BLACK WHITE WHITE and a pit opens beneath you to drop you into a small dungeon. Cast Levitate, or simply use the ladder in one of the rooms. Can’t remember anything of note down there though.


You are teleported to a large room with lots of exits. Most of the portcullis’ are opened with the Rusty Keys. In one room you will drop through a pit into the Plague Pits. Beware as all the creatures down here are diseased. Watch out for the Giant in the room of darkness. A teleport takes you back up to the first level.

The portcullis where the lever breaks is opened by using the button in the room behind and then searching by the candlestick. The chest gives you the key you need to continue.

After the battle in the room of chests, you will find lots and lots of loot. Press the button in one of the small chambers to gain access to a secret room. In the chest, you will find a bo rod. Get everything else from the other chests. Go back to level one and use it with the hole in the wall (West passages). Go to where the pit that dropped you down to the Plague Pits which should now be disabled.

Two main areas of note: The water-filled Cathedral where there is a healing fountain and the Keep where the Holy Covenant is kept.

One room. Press the button, pull the lever, take the globe from the altar and then fight the Skeleton Lords. You are rewarded with Wikum’s Globe of Power. Did I mention the paralysing gas?

When asked what you seek answer DREAMS and then LIVING DEAD. One doped up Munk says DO-DAH (remember birds AL-BIE…) You will find a pipe and a mysterious pastille; Merge these.

Once you have found both the Black Door you were warned about appears in one of the lower rooms. Entering you fall and then see a vision of yourself burning. After that, you fall again. Now smoke the pipe and walk forward. The Sphinx appears. She asks you which path you choose: Ring, Staff, Gown, Sword or Stone.

RING – Ring of Invisibility. Increase Dexterity.
SWORD – Sword of 4 Winds. Increase Strength.
STONE – Amulet of Healing. Increase Vitality.
GOWN – Divine Mail. Increase Piety.
STAFF – Stave of 12 Stars. Increase Intelligence

Then everyone increases karma and you appear at Xhengs School. When entering give him the Munk password, (BE THANKFUL YE THAT HATH AN EAR) give him the Holy Covenant and then accept the Quest to find the flowers. In a chest, you will find some clothes, weapons and a belt (A/C -3) for your Ninja – if you have one. Upon returning, he has left a message telling you what to do. Go to Father Rulae and tell him “I have learned the Holy Sacrament”. This gains you permanent access to the healing fountain and an empty chest.


The entrance is blocked by some trees but nearby there is another tree with “a smug smile”. This tree will lift you up into the treehouses if you used the Bonsai Tree at the Sacred Grove.

Steal the signet ring from him and use it to get into the Thieves Guild.

Use the signet ring to get in. You will meet Blienmeis again here. Say “Reflextion” to Blienmeis and you get a ring enabling you to have that skill. If you ask about the Funhouse then he will sell you the Funhouse Nose which you use on the door.

A shop. Buy ranged weapons and Feather Weight potion here.

Use the nose you get from Blienmeis on the front door. For the interior doors use the brass keys or pick or barge. Get the Black Pyramid and Wooden Dowel.

The Seesaw Puzzle
Use the Pyramid on the chain. Go upstairs and find the secret room and get the spool handle. Use the spool handle on the winder. Find the Elastic Band and use it on the Wind Machine. Go down and drink the Featherweight potion and stand on the seesaw.

On entering find the Rope & Handle and use it where you here rushing water. When you come across a hole in the wall use the Wooden Dowel.

Use the Painted Ball. The ball can be found by stepping onto the rotating troughs. Do a Save before Using the ball and make sure you give it to someone with high dexterity (and strength) as you need to score a bullseye. Subsequently stepping into the trough lets you into Waterslide area.


Give them the arrival time of the next T’Rang Shuttle. (Use TX-Coder on T’Rang Portbook)

Later, give Barlone 40,000 gold to get access to the treasure room and you also get a displacer cloak. You can TRY killing him, but then you won’t get the cloak.

There are 5 levers controlling it. The sequence may be random for each game but I did:-

Upper Level: Closest to ladder – Down
Further Away – Up
Lower Level: Closest to Ladder – Down
Further Away – Up
Middle Lever: Down

Go down the slide and swing across and get the black ball from the funhouse machine. Go back to the top of the tube and drop the black ball down. Go down the waterslide again and back to the machine. You will be catapulted up to catch the dowelling you placed in the hole in the wall earlier.

Use the solution given by the T’Rang:-
Pull: 5 3 4 2 6 1.
In the chest is the Boat Map. You exit via the dungeon in the Witch Mountains.


Don’t save in barracks doorways. They are always guarded and you have to fight every time you restore.

Decent places to sleep as you don’t get attacked that often.

Some contain chests. If you wait until after giving General Yamo the report the T’Rang will bomb the joint allowing you access to all the treasure chests.

One of the rooms contains some metal bars the other some star maps one of which gives the co-ordinates Horatha Tracking:-
s:18,49 d:34,82 +17

Contains a few rooms. Security post gives you the code for the door in the Umpani Detache:-
2 7 2 3 5 3 9
General Yamo’s Chamber and the Map Room.

Go here and accept the six missions given to you.

Teleport to New City, Umpani Detache.

One of the Missions takes you here. Learn FIREARMS Personal Skill here. Ceases to function after the T’Rang attack.

One of the Missions takes you here. Also ceases to exist after T’Rang attack.

Nothing of note.


Travel north from Munkharama Bridge as far as possible and then take to the water (lovely Red Piranhas). On the west bank, you will find your way into the mountains where there is a dungeon. Don’t bother looking for a key, it is the secret exit from Rubi’s Funhouse and can only be opened from the inside.

Finding the path going up leads to a number of fights. Expect to find Forest and Boulder Giants. Boulder Giants are a bit nasty and can do over 100 points with one blow if they hit! Keep going up and collecting the vines and merging them. Pick the orchids when asked. On one level you see a vision of Hilynda with her golden mask and on another, you will find a cliff with some old rope nearby. Use the 1000ft of vine here but you must have a high climb skill otherwise you will fall to your death.

At the bottom, you will find a bird that tells you “Al-Bie” before it is killed by other birds and another flower. For picking the flowers you receive 2500xp.

At some point, you will find the caverns. One chamber contains a staff, powder and necklace. When you come to the mirrors speak the names of the witches and hand over 1,000 gold pieces. Try Dispel Undead on the monsters you face then collect the items left.

The North witch is NARALDA
The South witch is XANDASA
The East witch is BARBANA
The West witch is CARMELA

Use these gold items on Hilynda’s mirror. She appears and gives you the Elysium of Divinity. A room to a chest containing another map and treasure opens. Also your Karma and one other attribute increase by one.

Located near Witch Mountain not far from the river. This is the home of a number of giants who want to have you for lunch. There shouldn’t be too much of a problem to clear the cavern although The Tyranasaurus Rex (Spot) is a tough cookie. Few spells affect him and his AC is high. The only consolation is he doesn’t hit often and that you get about 37,000xp for killing him. He has close on 1,000hp though! In his chamber, you can find a Necromatic (Cursed) Helm.

The Eryn River flows through the caverns and it is worth noting that on ledges you can find a Red Orchid (5,000xp) and a chest containing +2 plate armour and a random weapon. Persistant attempts will be rewarded with a Cat O’ Nine Tails (6-18 +3) – Excellent for Mages etc at the back of the team.


At the “Cold Spot” Equip the Necromantic Helm and you will see some imps who will tell you the four witches names.

There is a ledge that you climb to get the White Dahlia.

You will find some caverns – watch you don’t get sucked under when swimming. Use the Rebbus Egge on the ledge where you find the Salt Mound to get past the whirlpool. Beyond is the Magestik Wand.


Despite the excitement of getting the boat, the harsh reality is you are going to have to do a lot of fighting, especially if moving near to land. Jelly Stingers and Red Pirannhas may mean points but you will be sick to death of the sight of them. a level 3 (60 points) disposes of Pirhannha fish (not sharks).

To the SE you can put to shore and will eventually come across a vast wilderness which ends with a single stone block. Beyond extra ep’s there seems to be nothing useful here!

To the SW there is a similar wilderness ending in two blocks and two trees surrounded by a road. If you cast wizards eye it forms an X – perhaps this has something to do with the Fools Map?
Beyond extra ep’s there seems to be nothing useful here!

Found nothing of note beyond a stone block (paving).


You will come across a fog-bank breaking over a reef. Navigate your way through and if it is nighttime you will be told you see a light (this turns out to be phosphorous). Casting wizards eye reveals passages continuing on beyond. Use the Coil of the Serpent staff on the Phosphorous at night to pass through and fight Brombadeg beyond (beware of enchantment).

There are several tunnels underneath the mountains. Cave-ins are common. From east to west, the tunnels are.

One room.

Small network. One room with chest. Includes vorpal blade and goat boots.

Large network. Cave-ins. Ladder leading to City of Sky. Treasure chamber where you “detect something” is found by searching the wall to the North. Chest includes Siege Arbalest.

Connects to Tunnels 5. Cave-ins. The Pirates Treasure. Includes Vorpal Blade and Goatfoot boots

Near the Pirates Treasure is a hidden room with a lever pull this to get to the Dragon’s Treasure. There are four chests in the Dragon’s Treasure including the Dragon Key. Also Elven Bow, Cat O’ nine tails and Cuisinant Blade

The owner returns as you leave, so beware!

Small network. Connects to 4 & 6. Cave-ins.

Small network. Connects to 5. If I remember this also contains a chest with highly desirable goodies like Ebony armour, and possibly even an Excaliber sword.


Why they had to make getting anywhere around the City such a pain I don’t know. You have to navigate a maze of invisible walls which can be frustrating. Persevere and you will get the hang of it…

Eventually, you will come to a courtyard and have an audience with Dame Ke-Li, the Helazoid Queen. She tells you about the Prophecy and the Hall of Crusaders and the Higardi. If you give her the Helazoid Banner, she will give you a Helazoid pendant which gives you Eagle Eye skill. You can also buy Ankhs from her – Money well spent!

Test 1: The statue asks you to identify it: answer “Phoonzang”.

Test 2: You are given a number of runes to press. This has something to do with the Gaelin Stone on the Isle of Crypts. I just kicked it down!

Test 3: You fight a Meta-Droid.

Test 4: The Spaceship, to get in say “Phoonzang”. When you search you will be given the Globe Map and the Ring of the Globe which you are told forms part of the final key.

Use the key from the chest behind the Halls of Preservation or barge. You will find a credit card operated machine that gives you powerpacks and a teleport which takes you to the Gazebo.

Holds the Key of Light which allows you to get one of the items from the Hall of Preservation.

Use a credit card or barge the door to enter. Inside are some pictures in alcoves and four magic items behind glowing screens.

Use the Key of Light from the Gazebo to get ONE of these items:-
Frontiersman Laser
Cobaltine Powerglove
Mercurian Light Shield
Mercurian Light Sword.

Forget the first two, they need powerpacks and aren’t that hot anymore (relatively). Whether you plump for the sword or the shield depends on your characters’ careers. Remember first that persistence with chests on the Isle of Crypts yields Excaliber Swords which do almost as much damage, but can also Stone AND Regen +1.
However, a Samuri can use the Light Sword and another weapon such as Pandoras Wand, or Wakizashi +1.

Conversely, the shield (-10 A/C + resist fire/cold 90%) is extremely desirable. I choose the sword – and mildly regret it…

A chest containing the Storage Key and Valentine Necklace is here too.


To enter the dungeon use the majestik wand with the wall frieze. When the Sphinx awakens she babbles on incessantly and asks you a riddle (answer: “What is a man”) but it doesn’t seem to matter, you get in anyway.

On the surrounding Isle are two stone blocks – these are hollow. Enter one and use the Jewel of the Sun to enter the second where you find another Phoonzang statue. Here you will find a necklace that is essential to completing the game.

Beware of the gases in the crypts as you CANNOT avoid being paralysed, nauseated, silenced and fireballed. Unless, of course, you have Jonga powder to Use on the golden urn on this level.

Also watch out for Evilspeak, a nasty piece of work who is always creeping up and casting curses, terror, veggify etc. There are also some fountains down here, some poison you, some heal wounds but drain mana and some restores stamina.

There’s a ghost who wanders around saying “Where’s my Mossy Knob!” What she actually is saying is Bone Combs backwards. Find the crypt of the ugly Gorn Queen and use the Combs from Gorn Castle.

Searching the alcoves and Gorn bones yields various treasure, including some primo Samuri armour and weapons.

Use the Dragon Key (from Dragon Mt) to get into the centre chamber found in the Dragon’s Lair under the Dragon Mountains. Here you will meet DOOM, a nasty dragon. His treasure chests are guarded by demons. You will need two Crypt keys to get all the treasure on this level.

In the chamber, you will find the Gaelin Stone which alludes to eight maps on the runes written on it.

There is a secret door in the water which leads to the Jewel of the Sun gem. You need six Keys of Gorrors.

SAVE BEFORE OPENING EACH CHEST. Persistence can yield Excaliber(s), Dragon Kites and -14 Armour (Mantis Gloves/Boots, Ebony Plate etc.) Pandora’s Wand is nice too!

If you are a high enough level just use Astral Gate and all the experience points are yours!

Keep casting silence (every 4 rounds) to prevent being mind flayed. Then keep battering away at it and cast firestorm spells, etc. Keep casting Armormelt otherwise you have very little chance of hitting it. It has over 6,000 hp.

A real pain as it keeps using dazzling lights which does some heavy damage indeed! If you want to beat this bugger, this is how:-

If you have Bat amulets wear them, it helps. If you want to stand a chance find the most powerful weapons in the game (conveniently on this level, mostly) and get everyone’s Strength, Speed and Dexterity up to 20 (Buy Ankhs from the Helazoid Queen) and Mind Control at 100%

Cast Magic screen and Enchanted Weapon before entering.

1) Hide EVERYONE in shadows. If even one person remains it can – and will – dazzle everyone. It does even if you hide, but not very often.

2) Cast Create Life and armormelts

3) Cast Bless, Haste and then Slow (and Weaken) until it only gets one attack per round on your ally. Do NOT cast any damage spells or it will dazzle you in response.

4) When it slows to one attack per round cast Superman on everyone then attack with weapons. As soon as the Slow spells start to wear off, go back to one.

Good luck – because I’ve yet to beat it without at least one death!

* I say Create life as they are very resistant to magic so a Godzilla or two is your best bet.

A real toughie. Moves incredibly fast and does 99/199 damage, + poison and can get critical hits too. Remember tip 10 at the start? You’ll need it. You’ll also want a Speed of 18+ for everyone. Hide in shadows AND STAY THERE. Just keep casting Armormelt, Acid Bomb, Firestorm and Create Life until they are dead. Fight in expert mode for 1,000,000 ep’s!

Seems pretty pointless putting this one in again as you’ve already fought him in the starter dungeon. Easy kill.

Another easy one as it’s susceptible to Dispel Undead (If you’re a high enough level). Astral Gate his Demon buddies…

Use the Legend Map on the west side to get the Skull Key. The Gaelin Stone mentions the following:

Temple – Man
Crescent Moon.

Sphinx – Egg (Rebbus)
Chimera (Sphinx)
Wand (Magestik Wand)

Dragon – Dragon (Dragon Mts)
Chest (Its’ Treasure)
Key (Dragon Key)

Star – Tablet (Gaelin Stone)
Three Statues (City of Sky)
Five Pointed Star (Pentagram)

Serpent – Tower (Dionysceus)
Coiled Serpent (Staff)
Lantern (Phosphorous)

Crystal – Cube (On surrounding isles)
Crystal Ball (…..)
Gate (Entrance to ball?)

Boat – Devil (Faces in Museum)
Boat (Wikum Boat)
Cross (Isle of Crypts – probably?)

Crypt – Skull (Skull Key)
Jewel (of the Sun)
Statue (Phoonzang)

A secret passage yields the Jewel of the Sun.

Consists mainly of loads of teleports and three areas of blackness, and a water-filled chamber. In one chest you will find the Water Key, in another section you come to a pentagram on the floor with eight symbols around it – Egg, Moon, Cross, Tower, Dragon, Skull, Sun, Star. There are crystals relating to these symbols in the four alcoves leading to the pentagram.

Press these in any order then step into the pentagram to open a secret passageway. The second time, press them in the following order to open the opposite hidden door and stairs down to the FINAL LEVEL.

Dragon, Tower, Moon, Cross, Skull, Star, Egg. [DOMINAE]

In another room are five pits arranged like those on a dice. Approach the centre pit from the east or west to get teleported near to another chest which holds the Gate Key and the Tomb of Demons (a horn). The Gate key opens the door to another teleport which takes you to the chest that holds the Star Map. The Water Key opens the door to a healing fountain.

Loads of Robots to fight here – you’d have to have good characters. A secret passage leads to the Tomb of the Astral Dominae. When you have mapped ALL of this level this door will open for you. Before you summon Vi (You do have the communicator, don’t you) you will need the Ring of the Globe and Phoonzangs necklace. After facing off the Dark Savant it’s back to the spaceship for the end sequence. (Don’t hold you’re breath!)



Save the Ankh’s until later in the game. Invoking can increase stats up to 20. You will appreciate strength and speed dexterity’s of 20 later in the game! You can also buy them from the Helazoid Queen.

Items that effect the Armour Class (A/C) lower it for every part of the body

Many items are found randomly. The locations given are only for one of items of fixed origin or needed to complete the game.

Charms etc

Symbols Effects Invoked
*@#$ Invokes Personality
*$%& Vitality +1 AND Age -1
*:! Climbing Skill
&!!! Speed
&??# ?? (Possibly Bow skill?)
&##$ Lowers Karma
%!?* Intelligence
%?&% Vitality
:$&: ??
:?* Dexterity
@ ! Strength
@*#? ??
!&! ??
?#%& Raises Karma
#?%@ Vitality +1 AND Age -1
#?%@ Piety (? – and?
$*%@ Piety (?)
%&%& Thief Skills


Ashes of Diam Gorn Castle Use to summon demon
Bananas Gorn Castle Show to Gorkos
Beans Munkharama To use spindle in Munkharama
Black Ball Rattkin Ruins Funhouse – Green Tube
Bo Rod Munkharama Use with hole in wall (Notched Staff)
( all on first level).
Book of Fables New City About Hilynda
Bonsai Tree Gorn Castle Use at Sacred Grove
Cable Trolley Eryn River Crosses river
Coil of Serpent Dionysceus Phosphorous Stone in Dragon Mts at night.
Coins from Pools Munkharama Urns in Munkharama
Coins from Well Munkharama Door slots in Munkharama
Combs and Brushes Gorn Castle Isle of Crypts on Gorn Queen mummy
Comm Link Device New City Use with computer
Control Card New City Access to Forbidden Zone
Control Wafer(BYYT) New City Access to Constabulary Copper Penny,
New City Access to Curio Museum
Cornu Demonspawn Dionysceus Opens gate to chest Astral Gate 0/Max
Credit Card On Helazoids City of Sky
Crux of Crossing Old Cemetary Use to pass barrier in Cemetary
Crystal Figure Nycatalinth Called Tydnabemyt – To get Crux of Crossing
Elastic Band Rattkin Ruins Under Fun house on fan
ELYSIAD Hilynda ??
Faces in Museum New City Behind is Wikum Boat
Feather Potions Berties place Rubi’s Funhouse
Finger Rods Nycatalinth Open doors
Golden Ears Witch Mountain Witch Mtn –
Golden Eyes Witch Mountain Witch Mtn –
Golden Nose Witch Mountain Witch Mtn –
Golden Teeth Witch Mountain Witch Mtn –
(Use near mirror to summon Hilynda)
Golden Statues Dionysceus Use in Temples
Helazoid Banner T’Rang Assassins Give to Helazoid Queen
Helazoid Pendant Dame Ke-Li Gives EAGLE EYE SKILL
Holy Covenant Munkharama Give to Xen Xheng
Humpa Card Upkyr Opens Humpawahammer door
Jewel of The Sun Chamber of Gorrors Use on Cube on outlying islands
Jewelled Coins Munkharama Use in urns
Jewelled Cushion Tower of Dane ??
MAGESTIK WAND Upkyr Mts. To enter Isle Crypts
Moonstone New City To enter dungeons under Munkarama
Munk Innards Gorn Castle Use to summon demon
Mysterious Pastille Palace of Dreams Merge with Smoking pipe
Mystery Ray Nycatalinth Used with frozen Savants under Nycatalinth.
Necromantic Helm Colossus Caverns Used at cold spot in Upkyr Mountains
Painted Ball Rattkin Ruins Funhouse -throw at Target
Petrified Homunc. New City ??
Polished Steelplate Gorn Castle Access to Murkatos’ chamber
Rebus Egge New City Salt mound in Upkyr Mts to cross whirlpool
Ring of Demons Magna Dane’s body Opens door to Chamber
Ring of the Globe City of Sky ??
Rod and Rope Funhouse Funhouse where you hear “Running water”
Rubber White Bear Munkharama Invokes Swimming skill
Signet Ring Bleinmeis in Rattkin Ruins Thieves Guild
Silver Spaceship City of Sky In end sequence
Smoking Pipe Palace of Dreams To enter Xen Xhengs school
Spear Rack Funhouse Pull 5 3 4 2 6 1
Spool Handle Funhouse Funhouse – Chain Winder
Statue -Tydnab Emyt Nycatalinth Use in crypt to get Crux of Crossing
Steel Pyramid Rattkin Ruins Funhouse – with seesaw
Stone of Gateways Dionysceus Use to summon Demon
Thermal Pinapple Umpani General Grenade to destroy T’Rang nursery under Nycatalinth
T’Rang Portbook Nycatalinth Use with TX Coder
TX-CODER Nycatalinth Use on T’Rang portbook
Wikums Globe Power Munkharama Powers Wikum’s boatv
Wikum Boat New City Museum Use Wikum Globe
Wooden Dowel Rattkin Ruins Funhouse – hole in the wall


Blue Mythia Witch Mts For potion
Purple Plumac Witch Mts For potion
Red Posis Colossus Caverns For potion
Vine (= Rope) Witch Mts (x4) Witch Mts
White Dahlia Upkyr Mts For potion
Yellow Lione Upkyr Mts For potion – SNAKESPEED


* More than one of this key
You can often Force doors open – if you are strong enough

Armoury Gorn Castle Gorn Castle
Ascension Dionysceus Dionysceus
Azure Gorn Castle Gorn Castle
Beast Dionysceus Dionysceus
Brass* On Monsters Rattkin Ruins
Chrome Dionysceus Dionysceus
Coffer* Dionysceus Dionysceus
Crown Gorn Castle Gorn Castle
Crypts* On Undead Isle of Crypts
Dragon Dragon Mts Caves Isle of Crypts
Inn New City Conqueror Inn
Iron* On Monsters New City
Gate Isle of Crypts Isle of Crypts
Good Keep Under Munkharama Under Munkharama
Gorrors* On Undead Isle of Crypts
Light City of Sky City of Sky
Munks Under Munkharama Under Munkarama
Old City Access Prof Wunderland Condemned Area
Old City Old City Old City Old Gate
Onyx Key Under Munkharama Under Munkharama
Pewter* On Monsters Gorn Castle
Prison New City New City – Jail
Rusted Under Munkharama Under Munkharama
Silver ? ?
Skulls Isle of Crypts Isle of Crypts
Steel ? ?
Stone Dionysceus Dionysceus
Storage City of Sky City of Sky
Tarnished Rattkin Ruins Funhouse
Temple Under Munkharama Under Munkharama
Tombs On Undead Isle of Crypts
Waters Isle of Crypts Isle of Crypts



* Maps cost 10,000 gold pieces

BOAT Rubi’s funhouse Clue to Museum Heads
CRYPT Cathedral under Munkharamar Clue to Isle of Crypts
CRYSTAL Buy or ?? ~
DRAGON Kill T’Rang Queen Clue to enter Dragon Mts
FOOLS Buy or ?? ~
GLOBE City of Sky ~
LEGEND Buy or ?? Use on Gaelin Stone
SERPENT Tomb – Nycatalinth ~
SPHINX Clue to entering the Isle of Crypts
STAR Isle of Crypts ~
TEMPLE Buy or ?? ~


*Most Books can be Scribed for spells

Amulet of Airs ? ?
Amulet of Asphyxiate Air 30% Asphyxiate
Amulet of Healing Lifeforce 50% Regen. +2 Cursed
Amulet of Illusion Illusion
Amulet of Life Resurrection
Amulet of Rainbows Light 30% Prismic Missile
Amulet Pro Magic Magic 30% A/C (-1)
Magic Screen
Amulet of Spiders Paralysis 10% Web
Amulet of Stillness Paralysis 10% Paralyze
Ankh of Death A/C (-1) Lower Karma
Ankh of Dexterity A/C -1 Increases Dexterity
Ankh of Healing A/C (-1) Regen +1
Heal Wounds
Ankh of Life Lifeforce 50% Resurrect
Ankh of Might A/C -1 Increases Strength
Ankh of Sanctity A/C -1 Increases Piety
Ankh of Speed A/C -1 Increases Speed
Ankh of Youth A/C -1 Invoke for Age -1
& Vitality +1
Bat Necklace Light 50%
Book* (Tome) of Demons Conjuration
Book* of Immortals Anti-magic
Book* of Relics Identify
Invoke Artifact
Book* of Shielding Missile Shield
Book* of Unhexing Remove Curse
Bottle of Old Jakes Magic Food
Cask of Ill Repute Reduces Karma
Chromatic Lyre Itching Skin 0/Max
Cross of Protection Lifeforce 20%
Paralysis 10%
Cross of Turning Lifeforce 20% Dispel Undead
Deadman’s Hair ?? ??
Dungores Malt Ale Food
Emerald Talisman Death 30% ARMOUR CLASS (-2)
Invokes Dexterity
Filchers Band A/C -1 Invokes Thief skills
Golden Apples Magic Food
Golden Medallion Fire 40% (From Rodan)
Horn of Prometheus Fireball 0/Max
Mana Stone Magic Food
Medicine Bag Regeneration +1
Heal Wounds
Milk of Magmanasia Magic Food
Mosers Tea Magic Food
Prometheus Horn Fireball 0/Max
Ring of Demons A/C (-4) *CURSED*
Regeneration -1
Ring of the Globe ?? ??
Ring of Invisibility Missiles 20%
Death 10%
Ring – Mystic Psionic 10% Mindread
Ring Pro Frost Cold 40%
Ring Pro Magic Magic 40%
Ring of Resounding Shrill Sound
Ring of Shielding Missiles 20% A/C (-1)
Armour Shield
Ring of Truth Psionic 10% Sane Mind
Salted Munkmeat Poisoned
Scarab Necklace Psionic 20%
Hypnosis 20%
A/C (-2) (CURSED)
Invoke Intelligence
Silent Lyre Silence 0/Max
Sirens Wail Horn Confusion 0/Max
Stone of New Life Lifeforce 50% Invoke Age -1 year
and Vitality +1
Stone Pro Airs Air 50%
Valentine Necklace Death 10% Increases Per +1
Vitriolic Warder Acid 30% (An Idol)


Angel’s Tongue Bless 0/Max
Cornu of Demonspawn Astral Gate 0/Max
Chromatic Lyre Itching skin 0/Max
Horn of Prometheus Fireball 0/Max
Pipes of Doom Terror 0/Max
Silent Lyre Silence 0/Max
Sirens Wail Confusion 0/Max


Most of the rest of POTIONS are as their name
– e.g. Potion of Stamina restores Stamina.
Magic Food restores Health, Stamina and Magic Points.

Name: Effects:
Aromatic Salt Resist Paralysis 20%
Bag of Death DeathCloud (CURSED)
Regen -2
Bag of Tricks Dazzling Light
Bone Dust Weaken
Bottle Old Jakes Magic Food
Brimstone Resist Fire 20%
Cask of Ill Repute Karma -1
Crushed Widows Deadly Poison
Dragons Teeth Resist Magic 30%
Faerie Dust Sleep
Flash Powder Blinding Flash
Golden Apples Magic Food 1/2
Jonga Powder Dispel Undead. Also,
Use on Golden Urns to turn off traps
Ju Ju Stones Lifeforce 30%
Lions Claws Resist Missiles 30%
Manta Roots Air Resistance 20%
Milk of Magnesia Magic Food
Rock Crystals Resist Psionic 10%
Skeleton Powder Death
Skull Bones Resist Poison 20%
Snake Dust Poison Gas
Sneeze Powder Irritates
Talc of Tamaric Blink


Notes for weapons:
KO is chance to knock out an opponent.

KIA is chance to strike a critical hit.

Many weapons are class restricted, while others, such as the Elven Bow are race restricted.

Keep Cursed Items somewhere safe. You may need the extra firepower at the end of the game!

*CURSED* Probable harmful effects from continued use

Cursed Not harmful, probably even beneficial gain with continued wearing.



Barbed 7 – 12 KIA
Mystic 8 – 20 KIA (+3) Paralyse
Peacemaker 12 – 42 KIA (+3)
Strike 4 – 7 KIA (+2)
Viper 8 – 14 KIA (+3) Poison
Willow 3 – 7 KIA
Armor Piercer 9 – 16 KIA (+2)
Hunter Quarrel 7 – 16 KIA (+1)
Lightning Bolt 4 – 30 (+4)
Quarrel 3 – 9 KIA
Axe of Many Runes 4 – 14 (-8) *CURSED* Regen -1
Battleaxe 2 – 8
Bipennis Axe 4 – 14
Blades of Aesir 2 – 24 KIA KO (+2) Iceball
Crusaders Axe +1 6 – 18 (+1)
Blunder Buss 2 – 48 KIA
Musket 1 – 24 KIA
Mystery Gun ? Use on “dead” Savants found under Nycatalinth
Bullwhip 1 – 4 (+1)
Cat O’ Nine Tails 6 – 18 (+3)
Diamond Eyes 7 – 16 (+2) Paralyze
Invokes Personality
Flail – Anointed 2 – 7 KO
Flail – Zizka Star 2 – 10 KO (+2) *CURSED*
Maiden Head 1 – 16 KO (+2) Charm
Morning Star 2 – 8 KO
Vulcan Hammer 7 – 16 KO (+2) Fireball
War Spectre 2 – 8 ?
Longstem Spade 4 – 7 Needed to access dungeons under Nycatalinth and dig up other items
Bow – Enchanted (+2)
Bow – Great (+4)
Bowel Raker ?
Cobaltine P-glove 8 – 32 (+2) Paralyze
Death Stars 7 – 15 KIA (+1) Poison
Dongfu ?
Elven Bow KIA (+6) Regen +1 ELVES ONLY
Invokes Speed
Frontier Laser 3 – 30
Seige Arbalast KIA (+4)
Shurikans 2 – 7 KIA
Stones ?
Stones – Medusa 8 – 20 KO (+2)
Stones – Spiked 5 – 11 KO
Stones – Ta – Li 4 – 12 KO Stone Paralyze
Wrist Rocket sling KO (+3)
Ymmu’s Paw 5 – 8 (+1) Stone *CURSED*
Awl 3 – 8
Bec de Corbin 3 – 7 KO (+1)
Fauchard 1 – 12
Faust Halberd 6 – 18 KIA (+2) Paralyze *CURSED*
Regen -3
Halberd 1 – 10
Lance 1 – 12 (-1)
Maenads Lance 2 – 24 KIA (+3) Regen +1
Invokes Dexterity
Ravens Bill 6 – 18 (+2) Poison *CURSED* Regen -1
Spear 1 – 6
Spear +2 4 – 14 (+2)
Bo 1 – 6 (+1)
Coil of Serpent 6 – 24 (+3) Poison
*CURSED* Regen -2
Crux of Crossing (-4) *CURSED* Regen -1
Haunting Stick 3 – 7 (+1) Spooks
Hayai Bo 4 – 9 KO (+2)
Holy Basher 5 – 12 (+1)
Monstrance 1 – 8 KO (-1)
Quarterstaff 1 – 5
Nunchaka 3 – 9 (+1)
Rammbus Staff ? ?
Shock Rod 2 – 7 Drain
Staff 1 – 4
Staff of Charming 1 – 8 KO (+1) Bless 4/4
Staff of Doom 8 – 20 KIA (+4)
Paralyze Stone,
*CURSED* Regen -1
Staff Pro Paralysis 2 – 5 Paralyze
Stave of 12 Stars 6 – 12 (+1) Sleep
Magic Food
Invoke Intelligence
Stave Pro Undead 2 – 5 (+1) Dispel Undead
Stave of Silence 2 – 5 Silence
Stun Rod 5 – 12 Drain and Paralyse
ZATOICHI BO 9 – 24 KIA KO (+4)
Blinding Flash
!&! Invokes –
Avenger 7 – 28 KIA (+3) —
Baselard 1 – 6
Broadsword 3 – 8
Broadsword +1 5 – 12 (+1)
Bushido Blade 4 – 16 KIA (+2)
Claymore 4 – 10
Cuisinart Blade 6 – 18 KIA (+2)
DragonSlayer 6 – 15 (+1)
Estoc of Olivia 6 – 18 KIA (+3) Invokes Vitality
EXCALIBER 8 – 36 KIA (+4) Stone Lightning
Regen +1
Fang ? ?
Fauchard 1 – 12
Flamberge 4 – 12
Katana 2 – 7 (+1)
Main Gauche 1 – 5
Mercurian Light.. 5 – 40 (+6)
Murmasa Blade 7 – 25 KIA (+4)
:$&: Invokes ?
Naginata 1 – 12
Ninjato 2 – 8 (+1)
No-Dachi 2 – 14 KIA
Poignard 1 – 6 (+1)
Rapier 1 – 7 (+1)
Sai 2 – 10 KIA (+1)
Saint Bastard 7 – 13 KO (+2)
Stiletto 2 – 6 KIA (+2)
Sword of Fire 2 – 16 (+2) Fireball
Sword of 4 Winds 8 – 20 KIA (+2) DRAIN Cursed
Invokes Strength
Swords of Hearts 5 – 11 KIA (+2)
Vorpal Blade 4 – 14 (+1) Poison
Wakizashi 1 – 6
Wakizashi +1 2 – 10 (+1)
Walriblade 3 – 9
Zweihander 3 – 15
Cracker Stix ? ?
Crystall 1 – 2 (+1) Wizards Eye
Fire Stix 3 – 24 Magic Missile
Knock Picks Knock knock
Dazzling Lights, Sleep, Paralyze,
Poison, Stone AND Drain
Rocket Stix ? Magic Missile
Rod of Sprites 4 – 16 (+2) Stone
Sparkle Stix ? ?
Wand of Winds 3 – 7 (+1) Whirlwind
Winterwind 3 – 7 (+1) Iceball and Paralyze


(-n) for Armour Class Attributes lowers it by amount n for all parts of the body

(+n) for Armour Class Attributes increases it by n for all parts of the body


NAME: A/C: Attributes
Buskins -3
Chain Hosen -8
Goatfoot -7 Invoke for Climbing skill
Leather -5
Magnetic ? ?
Mantis -14 Invokes Speed
Sandals -1
Silver Sollerets -12
Sollerets -10
Anointed -1 Armour Class (-1)
Displacement -4 Armour Class (-4) Blink
Forest Cape -3 Armour Class (-3)
Cloak of Fortune -1 Invokes Karma +1
Midnight -2 Armour Class (-2)
Shadow -1 Armour Class (-1)
Black Gown of Death -12 Armour Class (-12) *CURSED*
Resist Magic 90%
Regen. -2
Chain -9
Chainmail +1 -10 Resist Fire/Cold 10%
Chain Doublet +2 -8 Resist Poison/Paralysis 20%
Deathmail (-8) Armour Class (+8) *CURSED*
Regeneration -1
Divine Mail +1 -8 Resist Death/Lifeforce 10%
*Cursed* Invokes Piety
Flak -9
Flak Vest -7
Jazeraint Jacket -9
Quilt Tunic -4
Studded Cuir Bra +2 ? ??
Studded Hauberk -8
Hi-Kane-Do -12 Resist Fire 30%
Tosei-Do -9
Chamois -3
Cobaltine Powerglove Blast 8 – 32 (+2) Paralyze
Copper Gauntlets -10
Cuir Gauntlets -5
Mail Mittens -6
Mantis -14 Invokes Dexterity
Silver Gauntlet -12
Steel Gauntlet -8
Armet -10
Bascinets -9
Cap of Wiles ? Resist Psionic 10% Cursed
Coif of Divine Mail -3 Resist Death/Lifeforce 10%
Regen. +1 Cursed
Crusader Helm -8 Resist Lifeforce 10%
Ebony Heaume -14 Resist Fire/Cold 30%
Flynn’s Cap -4 Resist Missiles 30%
Invokes – ?
Heaume -12
Helm & Coif -7
Kabuto -6
Mitre of Sanctity -5
Necromatic -7 Resist Light/Hypno. 50%
Phrygian Cap -4
Wizards Cone -2 Resist Magic 10%
Chain Chausses -9
Chain Hosen -8
Chain Pants +2 -8 Resist Paralysis/Poison 20%
Divine Mail +1 -8 Resist Death/Lifeforce 10%
Cursed Invokes Piety
Greaves – Bronze -7
Greaves – Leather -6
Hi-Kane-Do -12 Resist Fire 30%
Jazeraint Skirt -12
Leather -5
Oliveskin pants ? *CURSED*
Quilt -4
Studded Chausses -8
Studded Cuir Skirt + 2 ? ?
Tosei-Do -9
Belt of Five Flowers -3 Resist Light & Death 40%
Bracers of Defence -2 Resist Death/Missile 10%
Dragon Kite (Shield) -4 Resist Fire 40% & Cold 20%
Heater Shield -3
Mercurian Light Shield -10 Resist Fire and Cold 90%
Plate -10
Plate – Silver -12
Plate – Ebony -14 Resist Fire & Cold 30%
Plate +2 -12 Resist Fire & Cold 20%
Plate +3 -13 Resist Fire & Cold 30%
Robes of Enchantment -6


– Normal Weapons or the proverbial Tooth & Nails
S Spells – any/all depending on the opponent
C Can get Critical Hits
D Disease
Pn Poisoned weapons
P Paralyze
HP Can suck Hit Points
AB Acid Breath
CB Cold/Frost Breath
FB Fire Breath
PB Poisonous/Noxious Gas Attack

Creatures: A to Z

Bear Weevil 3,642
Bitterbug 27
Boar Weevil ?
Boring Beetle 82
Hog Beetle 446
Stag Weevil 64
Venom Weevil 344 PB
Dragon Rook 935 – AB
Fire Crow 1,382 – FB
Night Rook 58
Raven 18
Spectral Raven 795 – P Fear (Blinks out)
Vampire Rook 322 – HP P
Vampire Vulture 4,034 – HP C P
Vulture Rook – C P
Cachre Sludge 62 – PB
Cave Slime 972 – PB &
Crawling Waste ? – PB
Fungus Ooze ? – PB D
Gaseous Slime 159 – PB
Mottled Crud ? – PB
Puxic Ooze ? – PB D
Shadow Crust 3,043 – HP Pn D P
Apostle ? – S
Bishop ? – S
Canon 404 – S
Disciple 163 – S
High Father 19,551 – S
Initiate 69 – S
Priest ? – S
Fantasmagora 28,703 – C S
Fiero 14,576 – C S FB
Kolidra 7,300 – C S CB
Mxymylynx (Sphinx) 21,933 – C
Necromanis 41,916 – ?
Yregouth 16,742 – C S FB
Carnosaur ? – C
Godzylli ? – C
Rexx 112,904 – C
Black Dragon 6,855 – AC
Draggora 12,200 – FB
Dragon Pup 2,000 – FB
Dragonessa 33,503 – FB C
Emerald Dragon 70,965 – FB C
Green Dragon 12,193 – FB
Lime Dragon 8,277 – FB
Poison Dragon ? – PB
Demon O’ Ye Deep 44,543 – S
Piranha Shark 2,622 – C
Red Piranha 846
Dinkle Wisp 1,025 – S P
Flower O Ye Sea 2,350 – S P
Gelimaga 1,243 – S P
Jelly Stinger 580 – S P
Witches Lights 2,678 – S P
Boulder Giant ?
Forest Giant 3,010
Frost Giant 3,078 – FB
Bloodwyrm 3,829 – ?
Cave Thraxe 2,238
Conquilada 9,650 – C PB
Crust Thraxe 8,676 – C PB
Mountain Thraxe 4,564 – PB
Ashigaru ? – S C
Hunter ? – S
Lancer ?
Lord ? – C
Ranger 312 – S
Samurai ? – S
Shaman ? – S
Spearman 90
Ace ? – P
Flyer 2,604 – P
Rocketeer 4,998 – P
Runner ? – P
Dragon Lizard 1,505
Fire Lizard ? – FB
Iguanadon 597
Komodo Dragon 2,338 – AB C
Rock Lizard 1,853
Glow Moth 100 – Sleep
Glow Mothra 540 – P Pn Sleep
Luna Mothra 1,264 – P AB Pn Sleep
Spectral Moth 238 – Sleep
Dark Forest 563 – S
Demented 177
Mad Warder ? – S
Ninja 1,949 – S C
Psi Munk ? – S
Faerie Witch ? – S
Fury 2,600 – S
Water Nymph 1,163 – S
Wood Dryad 3,501 – S
Alliphoot 202 – Irritate, Pn
Bambiphoot 18 – Irritate
Dandiphoot ? – Irritate
Gumbiphoot ? – Irritate &?
Mantraphoot ? – S
Olliphoot 488 – S Irritate &?
Bandit 135
Hunter 920 – S
Leader ? – S Pn
Razuka 9,909 – S C
Rogue ?
Ronin 2,250 – S C Pn
Thief ?
Battle Droid ? ?
Mega Bot ? ?
Meta Droid 72,101 ?
Controller 4,913 – S
Guard 261 – P
Kui’Sa-Ka ? – P S
Trooper 939 – P
Dream Weaver 1,104 – S HP
Ghost 1,017 – S
Ghost Weaver ? – S HP
Nightmare 2,454 – S
Shadow Guardian 7,500 – S
Wraith 5,058 – S HP
Wraith Guardian ? – S HP
Assassin ? – P C
Elder ? – S
Guarder 386
Keeper 930 – S
Technik 974 – S P
Watcher 999 – S
Wilder 251 – S
Wiser ? – S
Younger ?
Earth Golem 360
Halloweech 2,000 – S
Man O’Grove 1,740
Tobagan ? – S
Trickertree 1,747 – S
Bantari 4,250 – C
Q’ua-tari 15,999 – C S CB
Armsman ?
Commando ?
Grenadier ?
Renegade ?
Ruffian 216
Scout ?
Tracker ?
Fetid Corpse 2,349 – D P S
Minoskell 333 – S
Skeletal Lord 2,114 – S
Skeleton ? – Chilling Touch
Zombie Skell 700 – & ?



Almagorte (Dane)
Found in Dionysceus. Asks the party if they wish to join the Order of Dane.

Bardana (Witch)
East Witch.

Barlone (Rattkin)
Leader of Rakuza Family found in the Funhouse. Pay him 40,000 to get access to the treasure room.

Belcanzor (Dane)
Found in New City at night and Dionysceus Temple of Divine Order during the day. Sells magic items.

Bertie (Rattkin)
Found in Bertie’s Bungalow in Rattkin Ruins. Sells ranged weapons and Feather Weight Potion.

Bonehead (Colossus)
Found in Colossus Caverns.

Blienmeis (Rattkin)
Found in Rattkin Ruins. Steal from him to get the Signet Ring to get into Thieves Guild. Pay him 1,000 gold for the Funhouse door nose. Knows about many things. Runs away if attacked. Say “Reflextion” to him (in the Thieves Guild) to get the ring which gives you this skill. Beware he doesn’t steal from you!

Brthr. Moser (Munk)
Found in Munkharama. Has a shop and sells his own tea, useful source of information on dreams.

Brthr. Rulae (Munk)
Found in New City Theominster Abbey. Can heal the party. Gives the password needed for Brother Tshober.

Brt. Tshober (Munk)
Found at Eryn River Crossing. Give the password to him to get the cable trolley. If killed his ghost haunts the river and will try to get his revenge by summoning demons. His spook returns everytime you do. An interesting way to gain points.

Brunatz (Colossus)
Found in the Colossus Caverns.

Cptn. Boerigard Gorn
First found in prison. Gives direction to Gorn Castle and a parchment to show Lord Galiere.

Carmela (Witch)
West Witch.

Dark Savant
Your opponent – who you meet in the end.

Dame Ke-Li
Helazoid – Queen of Helazoids found in the city of the Sky, Dragon Mts. Give her the banner from Jan-ette to get Eagle Eye skill.

D’Rang (T’Rang)

Dungore (Munk)
Runs Conqueror Inn in New City. Makes his own ale.

General Yamo
Umpani – Found in HQ in Upkyr. Gives you the Thermal Pineapple.

Colossus – Found in Colossus Caverns.

Hilynda (Witch)
Seen dancing on Witch Mountain whose story is told in the Book of Fables.

H’Jenn-Ra Hest
T’Rang Queen. Found in Imperial Chamber at Nycatalinth. Sends you to Shritis. Killing her gets you another map.

Jan-ette (Helazoid)
Found on road between Dionysceus and Nycatalinth being attacked by T’Rang. Gives you the banner.

K’Borra (T’Rang)
Found on road between Upkyr and Upkyr Mts. Asks for co-ordinates of Umpani ship.

King Ulgar (Gorn)
Found in Throne Room in Gorn Castle. Tell him the Dartaen Alliance is broken.

Kymas Turan (Dane)
Appears telling you to become Dane Disciples then goes around collecting 10% fees.

L’il Ogo (Colossus)
Found in Colossus Caverns.

Lord Galiere (Gorn)
Prevents you getting into the Gorn Lands without Boerigard’s Letter.

Lord Torquesade
(Magna Dane) – Head Dane found in orgy chamber on Temple of the Wanderers Level. Double-crosses party when they get the Cornu of Demonspawn. Has the Ring of Demons.

Lt Gromo (Umpani)
Found at the Firing Range in Upkyr.

Lt Gruntwrapper (Umpani)
Found in Upkyr, Supply Depot.

Naralada (Witch)
North Witch.

Mick the Pick
(Rattkin) – Wanders around.

Munstach (Colossus)
Found in Colossus Caverns.

Murkatos Ghost
(Gorn Ghost) – Found in his Inner Sanctum in Gorn Castle. Tells the party about the Old Cemetary.

Myntor (Colossus)
Found in Colossus Caverns.

Paluke (Gorn)
Owns the Armoury in New City.

Phoonzang (?)
Legendary figure. Founder of the Temple and creator of the Astral Dominae.

Prof Wunderland (Rattkin)
Found in Library in New City. Tells party about Old City.

Ra-Sep-Re-Tep (Skeletons)
Found in the starter dungeon.

Rasputsin (Rattkin)
Demands 20% of gold if you have joined the Family.

Rodan Lewarx (Umpani)
Found in Umpani Detache in New City. Can be killed on the orders of Shritis or if left alive may retrieve maps for 10,000 gold.

Rossarian (Umpani)
Found at Arms of Argus in New City.

Sgt Balbrak (Umpani)
Recruits party for missions. Found at the Recruiting Station.

Sgt Kabomm (Umpani)
Found at Supply Depot in Upkyr.

Shritis (T’Rang)
Found in T’Rang Ambassadors in New City. Asks you to kill Rodan Lewarx. Personally, I’d kill him on sight before he kills the NPC’s on your side. Besides, he keeps popping up mithering you over Rodan’s medallion.

Sogheim (Munk)
Found in Dock and Marine in New City. Tells you about Brombadeg and has a half-finished boat.

Tollen (Dane)
Pops up after you complete each Temple in Dionysceus demanding Temple dues.

Tracker Rhallick (Umpani)
Recovers maps for 10,000 gold.

Vi Dominae (Human)
Your ally, described in the opening sequence

Vilet Kanabe – (Ghost)
Found in his tomb in Old Cemetary. Guards the Serpent Map.

Xandasa (Witch)
South Witch.

Xen Xheng (Munk)
He has a secret school in Munkharama. Brother Moser tells you to cross the land of dreams to get there.

Ymmu M’Kursa (Skeleton)
Found in Old Cemetary when you unearth his grave. Has Ymmu’s Paw and jewellery


(Spring of 1993)
First and foremost, a big Thanks to David Bradbury and to Sir Tech for a brilliant game. Having almost finished it I am already waiting for the next episode in the Wizardry saga. Quoting Bertie:-

Hurry up. You so slow!

Seriously, great work guys.

Next an unreserved Thank You to US GOLD for all the help supplied. If everyone had the same level of customer service the industry would improve in leaps and bounds.

Finally, a quick mention to Strategy Plus (Issue 28) for the Jonga Powder tip.

Paul Ackerley – March 4th 1993

Uploaded to CIS – 24th April 1995

Converted to HTML – Fall of 1998 – Wizardry 8’s getting closer :-)

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