“Extremist Remain MPs to trigger UK wide riots to ensure no Brexit?

Remain MPs cause 2018 UK Riots

This isn’t a conspiracy theory, it’s a scenario, one that’s more likely than any put forward by Project Fear mark II.

It isn’t the suggestion that remainers are colluding to cause civil unrest to thwart what they see a problem caused by the ‘stupid’ and ‘extremist’ Brexiteers – and that’s just what MPs say in televised House of Commons meeting!

No, the point is that most of the Metropolitan (self-styled) “elite” are so far separated from the rank and file of the UK that voted them into power they have no understanding, much less any care or consideration for the rest of the people in the UK. In the vast majority, especially on the front benches, they live in the same area (regardless of their constituency address), they went to the same schools (Oxford, Cambridge, Eton), they studied the same degrees (PPE or Law), they are in many cases millionaires and multi-millionaires.

In psychology it’s called othering. There’s “them”, and there’s others, and “others” are always considered different, lesser, others are “not us”, And when the division is a tiny minority of rich, entitled lawmakers and their friends, and the “others” are rest of the country, it’s a trigger.

While we are not as volatile as the French, there have been a long history of riots in this country, some a lot more bloody and destructive.than others. These are a foretaste of what may come if the political class overrule Brexit. If the minority of some 600 overpaid MPS – elected on promises – tell the other 65 million of us:

“We don’t care, we will do what we want, what’s best for us, not what’s best for you, or for the country”

The fact this, and other stuff going on in parliament now, rips up the Nolan principles (the ethical standards expected of public office holders), shreds the ministerial code and, in more that a few areas, extends into the question of high treason is meaningless to these few “untouchables”

UK Riots

A little anecdotal history, and forewarning here. Many of us here will be old enough to remember, or at least heard of the “Toxteth riots”. At its root – apparently – was “long-standing tensions between the local police and the black community.” Certainly that was a large part of it – the ‘establishment’ verses the people.

Bear in mind this was one small suburb of one city.

“Such was the scale of the rioting in Toxteth that police reinforcements were drafted in from forces across England including Greater Manchester Police, Lancashire, Cumbria, Birmingham and even Devon to try to control the unrest”

I was in hospital at the time, I watched all the injured officers and civilians coming in. It was bloody, and messy. Deaths happened.

But it was far from the whole story as there’s another side to this, one that’s rarely reported, buried in the local memory: the fore-planning. A month or so before the riots, before even a hint of the riots that would come, opportunistic scallies – young, white, Liverpudlians – were touring the pubs in surrounding towns, like Widnes, essentially taking orders for electric goods they planned to loot in the upcoming riots. "Wanna cheap VCR, lar? Can gerrit next for ya’."

I don’t remember most of the other “riots” listed below, but all of us with remember the 2011 riots that spread across the country. Again, the trigger here was police (establishment) verses killing a young coloured man. There a lot to the story, including more than a hint of a cover-up, but the result was the same, once the spark ignited the underlying anger in the country…

“Thousands of people rioted in cities and towns across England, saw looting, arson, and mass deployment of police, and resulted in the deaths of five people.”

Again, there were rumours that some of the subsequent “riots” were not random acts of violence, but targeted stores to loot in advance.

MPs – like Amber Rudd, like Anna Soubry, (vote again until you get it right), like Phil Hammond (Leave voters are “extremists”) – with the help of the media channels like the BBC, Sky News (UK), and the Daily Mail are going out of their way to trigger a countrywide cascade of riots. They are willing to destroy the country to achieve their aim of staying in the EU at any cost.


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[ Image is from NME, from the film London has Fallen ]

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