Making, shaking and moving gold in Warcraft with battlepets

New to a server? Broke? Don’t like begging (one would hope!) but still need bags, mounts, flying skill? What to do?

I see this a lot and to a lesser extend experience it myself. Actually I don’t experience it myself because I long ago worked out how to makes millions in gold in World of Warcraft. Even back in Burning Crusades my relative wealth was staggering. Enough that, in terms of the price for buying gold back then, it was worth over £15,000! Now, of course, you can ‘make’ gold by throwing your credit card at Blizzard and buying it. At present it is £15 for 57,142g – enough to get you established, but why pay for it when you can make it easily enough? Prices fluctuate all the time but that’s still around £250 for a million gold!

It comes down to the old expression that you can feed a person for a day, or you can teach them to fish and they can feed themself.

Even if you utterly detest the idea of Pokemon-style battle pets in the game it can still be your friend. With a little forethought you can make and/or move hundreds, even millions of gold easily. Have a hugely rich Troll on Kazzak and made a lowly, penniless Human on Silvermoon? Not a problem. It is an simple as this:

Buy, farm or craft a pet on your main, learn it, relog your human and cage it. Put it on auction house for a profit.


The forethought part is simply planning. You need to look what is and isn’t available and trade accordingly.

Are pets really that valuable, you may wonder. Little Murky, below, isn’t cage-able, nor, sadly, is it available any more outside of ebay. That makes it ultra rare but even so it’s just a game pet, one of over 750 available. Yet…

Murky blue murloc egg on ebay

At $4,250 (€3,740 / £2,770) it’s one of the cheapest on ebay – and has 40 people watching it. You’d have to be crazy to pay them, yet I’m tempted. I won’t, but it’s a measure common to collectors. You get so many, then a few more, then you reach a point when you only need a few, then finally… Along the way (whether pets, mounts, or real life items like stamps or coins or vintage cars) there reaches a point were you feel you "must have that last one". This obsessive nature is what makes pet flipping so lucrative.

At present, looking on there are 332 cageable pets. Many are so common as to be worthless. Others? Well, the harder they are to get, the more they are worth.

Of these 332:

45 are from raids

41 are from professions (crafting, fishing, archaeology etc.)

45 are from seasonal and daily quests (including the fishing dailies, above) (e.g Chuck, Egbert, Syd the Squid and Puddle Terror)

15 are from TCG / Blackmarket Auction House (e.g. Bananas, Ethereal Trader )

The rest are drops, some of which are tedious to farm (e.g. Ashleaf Spriteling, Whelplings)

With so many I can’t tell you what to avoid but common sense and any experience of AH should tell you that just because some numpty put up a pet at 149,000g doesn’t mean it’s worth that amount – it could simply be a vendor pet worth a few silver! Conversely, someone selling a pet for 5g doesn’t make it worthless if the seller doesn’t know it has a drop rate of only 1 in 10,000 and is worth upwards of 25,000g!

You can also add a lot of value to a pet if you level them, but it also limits the market as you can’t use a level 25 pet unless you’ve already levelled one that high yourself. Yet if you play with battlepets a lot you’ll know it’s possible to level a pet from 1 to 25 in just a few minutes! There’s even a question in your garrsion (once pet alt) from the menagerie to upgrade a pet instantly from 1 to 25. Something else to think about, certainly.

So, here’s a few examples taken today (12th October 2015):

Los Errantes (Spanish, high population)

Lifelike Toad: 440g to 18,000g (crafted, cheap mats but rare recipe)
Manafiend(s): 7,500g to 25,000g (farmable in WoD)
Fragment(s): 2,200 to 26,000g (from BlacK Temple raid)
Ethereal Trader: 95,000g (TCG/BMAH)
Black Tabby Cat: 37,000g to 75,000g (green, level 1 vs blue, level 25)*
White Kitten: 800g (60s from a vendor in Stormwind)
Tiny Red/White/Blue/Green Carp: 7,195g to 24,780g (MoP fishing)
Darkmoon Rabbit: 55,000g to 56,000g (From Darkmoon mob, needs raid to tackle)
Darkmoon Zeppelin: 1,845g to 1,849g (7,500g at level 25) (Vendor, tokens)
Living Fluid: 37,500g to 39,000g (ToT MoP Raid)
Droplet of Y’Shaarj: 36,250g (SoO MoP Raid)

Exodar (Spanish, new players)

Lifelike Toad: n/a
Manafiend(s): 1,700g to 2,400g
Fragment(s): 1,500g to 5,900g
Ethereal Trader: 75,000g
Black Tabby Cat: 28,000g to 32,000g
White Kitten: 5,000g to 5,500g
Tiny … Carp: 6,500g to 35,000g
Darkmoon Rabbit: n/a
Darkmoon Zeppelin: 5,000g
Living Fluid: 18,500g
Droplet of Y’Shaarj: n/a

Hyjal (French, high population)

Lifelike Toad: 775g to 1,300g
Manafiend(s): 1,900g to 10,000g
Fragment(s): 1,950g to 6,000g
Ethereal Trader: 78,500g
Black Tabby Cat: 24,000g
White Kitten: 489g to 686g
Tiny … Carp: 4,490g to 35,000g
Darkmoon Rabbit: n/a
Darkmoon Zeppelin: 2,000g to 5,000g
Living Fluid: 21,000g to 31,500g
Droplet of Y’Shaarj: n/a

Khaz Modan (French, new players)

Lifelike Toad: n/a
Manafiend(s): 3,500g to 26,800g
Fragment(s): 2,700g to 28,500g
Ethereal Trader: 120,000g
Black Tabby Cat: n/a
White Kitten: 5,000g to 5,500g
Tiny … Carp: 6,500g to 35,000g
Darkmoon Rabbit: n/a
Darkmoon Zeppelin: 5,000g
Living Fluid: 18,500g
Droplet of Y’Shaarj: n/a

Draenor (English, high population)

Lifelike Toad: 162g to 164g (5,000g at level 25)
Manafiend(s): 1,750g to 6,999g
Fragment(s): 1,000g to 4,450g
Ethereal Trader: 70,000g to 73,000g
Black Tabby Cat: 15,500g
White Kitten: 5,195g to 12,200g
Tiny … Carp: 4,500g to 17,500g
Darkmoon Rabbit: 65,000g to 75,000g
Darkmoon Zeppelin: 1,770g to 5,000g
Living Fluid: 20,000g to 25,000g
Droplet of Y’Shaarj: 18,900g to 24,999g

Aerie Peak/Bronzebeard (English, joined, low to mid population)

Lifelike Toad: n/a
Manafiend(s): 4,800g to 5,000g
Fragment(s): 3,000g to 10,995g
Ethereal Trader: 50,000g to 64,000g
Black Tabby Cat: n/a
White Kitten: 2,600g
Tiny … Carp: 11,999g
Darkmoon Rabbit: 55,000g
Darkmoon Zeppelin: n/a
Living Fluid: n/a
Droplet of Y’Shaarj: n/a

The range above – taken over the space of an hour or so – gives you a clue to how it works.

The white kitten is perhaps the most interesting. It is farmable by a completely new player to the game, simply by watching for Lil’ Timmy, who will sell it to you for just 60 silver, yet sells in auction houses from 500g to 5,500g!

Equally lucrative, if you are lucky, is the Black Tabby Cat. This cat is similar to the Bombay Cat and, moreso the Silver Tabby Cat (40 silver each in Elywnn Forest) and to the white-pawed Calico Cat from Brianni in Daralan (40g), yet has a drop rate of only 1 in 10,000 and can only be farmed by the Horde. (It does also appear on BMAH for 1,000g). It’s entirely possible to get this for a few gold on regular AH (from someone who doesn’t know it’s value) or from BMAH if there’s few other bidders – and resell it for a whopping 30,000g or more. (You also get the odd sly git trying to sell the 40s Silver Tabby for 30,000g but scammers are ever looking for the unwary!)

Less likely, but the Darkmoon Rabbit is another curved ball. If someone is lucky enough to get it, doesn’t know it’s rarity and, seeing none, puts it up on AH for 1,000g for a fast sale, you better believe it will be a fast sale!

This guide relates to battle pets. You can make a lot of gold in other ways, especially garrisons. By the time you have a level three garrison, 20 or so levelled followers and a similar shipyard you should be making around 10 to 30,000g per week, per alt. The latter figure includes selling tokens like the Elixir of the Rapid Mind, Medallion of the Legion and Champion’s Honor while they hold value. Just pure gold should be in the 5-15,000g a week. Again, per alt.

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