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This guide will help you gather the best group of battle pets for any battle. It will be particularly useful for the Mastering the Menagerie daily, the Celestial Tournament weekly and for defeating all the master trainers in An Awfully Big Adventure. The latter requires an Elekk Plushie on your team, which does zero damage, meaning you need to be able to defeat any team with only two pets. Once learned, it will make boosting pets a lot easier. Profitable too, if you have a niche in selling level 25 pets. (There are over 240 cageable battle pets and the rarest ones sell for upwards of 10,000g.)

You will get some fights that are frustratingly hard, others where you can defeat a team with a single pet. Tactics matter. As Sun Tzu advises in The Art of War, ‘Know your enemy’. This will help you narrow down the list and show you the most devastating combinations. For instance, using Nexus Whelpling (Arcane Winds), then Chrominius (Howl, (Arcane Explosion), then Surge of Power) you can hit for 3,300 damage against Flying pets. That’s on top of the preceding strikes.


The ideal pet is one takes receives 33% less damage but deals out 50% more. These suggestions are based on like for like, i.e. against a critter using critter abilities. Note that this is a generalisation and it can be that for a given fight – especially against Legendaries – the opposite can be true, simply because of the mix of attacks skills.

For instance, The Summit Kid (Beast) has five of its abilities doing Critter damage and would stomp all over an Undead opponent. Others, such as Rockbiter (Menageries daily) is Humanoid and casts Elemental Mark in the first round, so you need to be doing heavy Aquatic damage. (Ideally with a flying pet as he attacks with Bite and Burrow – Beast abilities). Similarly with the Menagerie Blingtrons’ Critter Mark, that allows the current Mechanical pet take damage as if it was a Critter.

Best pets for farming team :

Terrible Turnip (Elemental) for its Weaking Blow
It does Humanoid damage that cannot reduce opponent below 1 health. i.e you can’t accidentally kill the pet you are trying to cage. It also has ‘Inspiring Song’ for healing the team.

Molten Corgi (Elemental) for Superbark
This is a powerful Beast attack that cannot reduce the opponent’s health below 1. (4 Turn Cooldown though)

Pets with Arcane Storm power (e.g. Lil’ Tarecgosa and Nexus Whelpling).
This weather effect is good for boosting as it negates web and rooting spells that can otherwise trap your low level, low health pet.

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