Warcraft battle pets guide : winning tactics and abilities

The most powerful abilities (especially with swaps):

Howl : Frightens the target, increasing the damage they take by 100% for 2 rounds. (3 Turn Cooldown, 100% Hit Chance)

Beast: Fjord Worg pup, Tito, Moon Moon, Frostwolf Pup and various foxes (e.g. Alpine Foxling)
Dragonkin: Chrominus
Elemental : Core Hound Pup
Humanoid : Lil’ Bad Wolf
Undead : Stitched pup

Curse of Doom : Deals heavy Undead damage after 4 rounds (5 Turn Cooldown, 100% Hit Chance)

Undead: Crawling Claw, Creepy Crate, Landro’s Lich, Unborn Val’kyr, Lost of Lordaeron, Lil’ KT
Magic: Gusting Grimoire, Lesser Voidcaller, Lofty Libram
Humanoid: Sister of Temptation
Elemental: Droplet of Y’Shaarj

Blood drain : Undead attack that Drains the enemy of 10% of their maximum health. The user is healed for 300% of the health drained. (3 Turn Cooldown, 100% Hit Chance)

Flying: Brilliant Bloodfeather
Undead : Son of Sethe
Elemental: Ruby Droplet

Life Exchange : Equalises the health between the pet and its target. (5 Turn Cooldown, 100% Hit Chance)
Great when used against Legendaries or those few trainer pets that need over 500 damage to hit (e.g. Stitches Jr.)

Dragonkin: Nether Faerie, Sprite Darter, Yu’la
Magical: Ethereal Soultrader, Mini Mindslayer

Hawk Eye : Increases your critical strike chance by 75% for 3 rounds :

Flying : Many, including Brilliant Bloodfeather and Jade Crane Chick
Critter : Darkmoon Hatchling and Lovebird Hatchling
Humanoid : Qiraji Guardling
Magic : Jade Owl
Undead : Vampiric Batling

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