Real Twitterers do exist

Real Twitterers DO exist.

I know because my bot found them! Ummm OOops. Sussed. I absolutely refute any claims I used a bot to find the following REAL Twitterers!

Appearing on this list in a privilege. I WILL be keeping an eye on it! Clowns that @message me with affiliate links are automatically excluded! (Note: new page, Currently editing!)

Please note some of these people may be nutters and I have no control over their language, links, insights or diatribe!

The Gadgetshows @jasonbradbury is not only real but a role model for how twitterers – especially celebrity ones should act!

JasonBradbury: @milliontwits Thatz the best suggestion I’ve heard. Although, I’m still going for 1. sell, 2. destroy :-)

@Satans_Thong @milliontwits Firstly – You are an evil B.! I am starving here. Can’t even have my morning coffee!!

xxlucyappxx: @milliontwits :O the culprit!!! Should of known you can’t trust come one called @Satans_Thong I mean.. Satan. and thong! in one name.. tut!

JenMilan720: Heyyyyyyyyyyy newbs!!!! @milliontwits @krisempire

elbeard: @milliontwits Stalking is nothing to be ashamed of. The media’s given us a bad name.

buffyc: @milliontwits ah yeah I see :) the laptop can handle 64bit if I ever feel the need lol Cheers for help Paul :)

@shtfck i dont even think @milliontwits is listening to me… maybe HE is the bot…

Exactly. RT @Mom101: Man, a zillion posts out there on how to get your blog noticed by marketers and no one ever suggests just writing well.

JohnChow: @milliontwits You can read my review of Hummingbird here: [ Hummingbird link now dead, but John Chow’s site is still live (2020) ]

JohnChow: @milliontwits The best feature is it remembers who you unfollow so you don’t follow them again. Try doing that manually. :)

@chriswinchester> @milliontwits Hey Paul – I’m real.I think, Good luck with the global domination thing :)

@thegadgetgirl @milliontwits Thank you :) Hope you have a good day!

@bhinn: Good for you! We’ll find a way to beat the bots @milliontwits … I’ll toss on buttons for a couple of charities …Bots already own Twitter

@rhcerff @milliontwits Well I’m certainly a bot on a Monday morning…

@helemaalbij @milliontwits watch out who you call a bugger ;)

@RandyTheHermit: @milliontwits Hey, I am nobodies Bot and I told you not to call me that :)

@jacobseethaler: @milliontwits yeah that’s my company – i guess you can call it an isp – mostly just web design

@BenStokell: @milliontwits i’m following you and i’m pretty sure i’m a real person. i do agree with you though – twitter’s being used too much for ads.

@Trevorjensen: @milliontwits treadmill masters?

@Bazzadoyle: @milliontwits Real as far as I am aware

@geekgirldiva: @milliontwits Considering you followed me first, I figured you knew I wasn’t a bot ;P

@zuppaholic: @milliontwits heyy..I’m a real person… ;P
@zuppaholic: @milliontwits lol…yup..I’ve been tweeting with my real friends in the real world tho.. Haha..

@nschmier: @milliontwits i used to be a real person but the gov’t bailed me out and replaced my brain with a more efficient micro-chip.

@CrazyCatLadie: I didn’t scare @milliontwits away with my upchuck story! Yeah!

@glitzyorbit: @milliontwits i am real .. are you?

@justmk: RT @frankannie: RT @milliontwits Oh FFS, how pathetic is this – using a #quote to link to affiliate site for a chance of making a fast buck.

@BoogieTheMags: @milliontwits ~~~ I like the term ‘twit’ for those who twitter! I also like the word ‘twittionaire’ :) ~~~

@ackadia: @milliontwits Yep! Obscured links is a recipe for trouble and an open market feeding frenzy for affiliate spammers!

@sumal: RT @milliontwits O.o interesting avatar image for @sumal – Terminator Smiley. Not seen one of those – before. – THANKS

@bonnieackerley: @milliontwits Good luck with your quest Mate! there can’t be many of us “Ack’s” out there tho is there???

((Note: This was moved from milliontwits .com)

Milliontwits was a social media experiment I ran in the first months of Twitter, prompted by it being overrun by bots within weeks of launching

3 thoughts on “Real Twitterers do exist”

  1. As any responsible parent would.
    I don’t let my daughter on here either.
    Of course, she is 3 and unable to surf the web yet.
    But I have all manner of parental locks and monitoring programs all ready for when she grows up.

    (Originally posted on milliontwits .com)

  2. Actually, Satan, it was aimed at both of you! You are both role models for why I WON’T let my children on the Internet without supervision and frequent monitoring

    (Originally posted on Milliontwits .com)

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