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Autistic UFO hacker Gary McKinnon

Posted this reply (to them) in response to The Inquirer’s story about ‘Autistic petition for UFO hacker’ because some of the replies – and even the writer in one place – didn’t have a clue what they were talking about!
(The Inquirer site now redirects to TrustedReviews).

For a start, you cannot begin to comment on the kid’s condition without: a) knowing the severity of it and b) knowing first hand about Asperger’s Syndrome and Autism in general.

Even those claiming to suffer from it (in the comments) need a re-think of their opinions. It’s a spectrum – essentially specialists have a tick box to say if ‘this’ applies, (s)he /may/ have it. Enough ticks and they try to form an opinion of the degree of disability.

Put in the simplest terms, in AS and autism their brain isn’t wired right. They can be hyper-sensitive to some things (noise, lights being common) and tend to be clueless about social signals.

Many people with AS manage to adjust and, a few quirks aside, fit right into society, from shop workers through to lecturers and research scientists. Others, at the extreme of the range, well you are talking round the clock care.

ALL THAT ASIDE: I don’t think in this case he should be extradited. Two reasons – neither to do with his alleged condition: Firstly the Pentagon has major egg on face and they want to make an example of him. Never going to be a fair trial.

Secondly. Sick to death of governments – especially the UK and US – covering up stuff ‘for our own good‘ Like the MP’s recently tried to hide their expenses because we ‘just wouldn’t understand‘. Like the sleazy MP’s, IF there’s any truth about UFO’s it will come out eventually. However, one has to ask, if it’s a load of baloney, why is it hidden, locked up and protected by national security?

You can sign the ‘Petition the Prime Minister to provide protection against extradition for people with autism’. It’s generic by the why, highlighting this case.


It should be noted that AS runs in our family, with several (including myself) having a clinical diagnosis for being on the autistic spectrum, and a few others, untested, are strongly suspected, as they have similar quirks.

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