Oops! WordPress broken, cannot redeclare

WordPress crashed – cannot redeclare

Beggar! A plug-in and/or function edit just broke the site. Normal service will resume in a minute!

… OK … this is not good :/

The fault, if you are curious is new and specific to one theme which previously worked fine and just fell over:

Fatal error: Cannot redeclare generate_post_image() (previously declared in /home/ackadia/public_html/ackadia.com/wp-content/themes/generate/functions.php:59) in /home/ackadia/public_html/ackadia.com/wp-content/themes/genesis/functions.php on line 66

Jasper Carrott facepalms

It was pointing to line 138 (of 124 lines…) and undoing the edit didn’t make any different, so I thought, beggar this and swapped it to Genesis while I fixed it. Or not, because it was still seeing the ‘generate-box’ plug-in and wouldn’t let me install any theme at all. Long story short, removed the theme and plug-in via ftp, downloaded a fresh copy of Generate, added theme – and that fatal error is the result. I’ve tried a few others like Genesis and Education and they work fine, (though I’m still seeing the odd quirk).

A few minutes digging later

Sorted it, but I’ll leave this in should someone else run into it – for some reason the edit seemed to have corrupted the parent framework. Using a default wp theme and deleting, re-installing the Genesis framework, then the theme fixed it.

(You can rename the offending theme too, the use a different one while you fix the issue. You do lose Widget settings swapping out themes and child themes, but they are easy enough to drag back.)

Just a shame about all the work I lost. No, wait, I didn’t, because I make backup’s of everything and use other backup strategies like Vaultpress. Paranoia for the win! If I was really paranoid I’d have tinkered on the trial site but where’s the fun in that? Having only a few minute to fix something is great for focusing your attention. It was only one or two lines of code, still, when I try again, I WILL use the test site instead!

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