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Shaking the dust out!

Just trying to get my act back together after a really bad year or so. Normal service and daily updates should resume shortly!

Looking at Yahoo! Answers as a possible haunt. More for giving answers than looking for them, but still, worth a look for y’all

Busy running round in circles, getting nothing done, as usual! Well, not quite true but background work always takes ages…

Anyway, two changes of note. Firstly, as fast as I can, I am going to write an exhaustive guide to Guild Wars Prophies and Factions. I have started here: [ A Guide to Guild Wars ]

On a rather more important note, after months of hassle, umm’ing and ahh’ing, and a few choice words with some ISP’s, I’ve finally upgraded from VPS servers to a dedicated one. It probably won’t mean a lot to most of you, but essentially my sites will be easier to manage and much faster. All in all I’ll be more inclined to add pages instead of moping about.

Anyway, if Ackadia or my other sites disappear suddenly, don’t be alarmed, it will just be the Internet adjusting to the changes.

I’ve given up struggling with rights and permissions and failed installs on a cr*ppy shared VPS and tried a reseller server with Hostgator. However, I’m sick of trying to jump through hoops to get shell access so I’m going back to using a beefy dedicated server where I have control of things.

The last month or so I’ve bounced from one provider to another and back again – At one point I think I was trying to manage five servers with three providers. Clearly untenable and cost me a fortune in hosting fees but I’m finally got a dedicated server that I’m really comfortable with. No affiliate link here, but if you are wondering, it is Hostgator.

OK, the gallery and forum are sorted, if a little sparse. Next to choose a decent blogging system. Personally I’m quite happy doing the pages manually, but you lose all the connectivity of RSS feeds, unusable comment systems etc, so I guess I’ll bite the bullet and integrate one. Should be in within the next week or so.


I’ll leave the two running for a month so the disruption (as I configure it and re-route the IP’s about) will be minimal – i.e. if Ackadia appears to go down it should only be for an hour or so as the changes filter through the ‘net.

Moved to a new server. Site is live again, obviously, but the gallery and forums will be down until sometime tomorrow…

I’m a rather behind with everything after finding I had acute kidney failure and was hauled off to hospital for a few months of poking, prodding and surgery. Now to play catch up…

~ Paul

If you are a web developer and/or run a commercial website, you should find the following [link] of great interest from:
Nielsen Netratings Global Index Chart
It gives the latest data on average computer usage. For instance, for May 2007:

Time surfing: 31.5 hours
Sites / Domains visited: 71
Pages read/viewed: 1,509
Pages read per session: 41
(Sessions lasted 55 minutes)
And the important one, I think, time spend reading a page: 45 seconds

So, in mass market terms, Internet users will log on for an hour, glance at their email and maybe search for something particular and then flick through an assortment of sites before getting bored and finding something better to do. You have a few seconds to gain their attention and confidence! As an aside, I believe you have about 3 seconds to impress them as the page loads, else, off they toddle.

~ Paul

(Addenda: Nov 2013. Some of the above was recovered from a rem’ed out notes and files and may be a little out of sequence, but I put it together in the right order. I was pretty out of it that year, the past few years too, really, and it’s only really for archive purposes, but I like to be thorough. Or try to be at any rate. OK, I’ll shut up rambling now! ~ Paul)

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