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Happy New Year and all that!

OK, seasonal greeting over, what’s happening and what’s new…

On the personal front, god’s but I’m getting fat. That’s me on a proper diet! Also going to try and relearn French over the next few months. Always good to have.

Web sites wise, I registered sites for have my family as part of their Christmas presents. Now to see if they make use of them, eh. For myself I’ve started organising my own content and my latest site – started today – is looking at high-definition televisions. It will take me a few weeks to get it somethings like with all the other things I want to be doing but I hope to turn it into the definitive answer for those looking for solid, understandably advice for the upcoming digital revolution.

If you want a peek, it’s here: [ HDTV Choices Explained ]

(Update Nov 2013: Let that one lapse too! ~ Paul

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