Ah for the taste of Cain’s Raisin Beer!

So near and yet so far

/cry smiley - sobbing

Cains raisin beer on draught

My wife just come back from Asda with a groceries and some Cain’s Fine Raisin Beer that were on special offer.

And I can’t have any ‘cos of my meds and beggared kidneys :(

Next time I see my nephrology consultant I’m asking for a Doctor’s note to give Louise saying I can have the occasional beer!

Not that I’m an alcoholic or anything, I only really used to drink a few times a year anyway, Christmas and birthdays, that sort of thing, but I like to sample all the weird and wonderful foreign ales and witches brews and I took a particular liking to this one seasonal ale. It is an acquired taste, rather like Marmite, you’ll like it a lot, or you’ll hate it. And I’m like Homer Simpson and donuts with it.

I commented on it elsewhere ( Beer reviews, Xmas 06 ) and concluded it was one of the nicest drinks in the world.

Really, according to ultrasound and blood tests etc my kidneys are in good condition (considering all, that is) and can, I think, cope with the odd beer. My wife’s right though, I guess. Last time I had a small glass of beer I dropped like a brick. The mind and taste buds are willing but the body was weak.


On a vaguely related note, I promised my medical team I’d help them research my condition. It’s kind of extremely rare so I’m not holding out a lot of hope, but if anyone suffers from, has patients with or is researching hydronephrosis/kidney failure due to collapsed ureters as a side effect of spastic paraparesis (HSP) and finds this page in a Google search, drop me a note. Might just save someone’s life. ta!


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