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Personal update, 1st July 2007

I’ve had a ghastly week, it feels like my blood urea is right up again and my kidneys are giving me loads of grief – not a good thing as by the time you can feel the pain… Just as well I’m back in hospital next week to have my stents changed, ‘cos I feel like kak!

If the upcoming surgery doesn’t kill me (I was in hospital for 3 months last time), I’ll try to shake this lethargy off and build my sites up again.

X-ray of uteric stents bilateral kidney failure


Sharp eyed radiographers may notice somethings a little off with the x-ray. It was the only one I could find anywhere and I has to use a little artistic license and photo-editing as it was from a lady with only one stent.

As a guide – and gents feel free to squint in sympathy here – it does give an indication of where they repeatedly had to shove cameras and probes and other things I don’t like thinking about, especially as I had to be awake for one or two of the operations.

I fainted with one involving a fibre optic camera, a tube and a gallon of water (common, apparently, for men and women). The other involved micro-surgery and was fascinating being awake in a state of the art operating theatre (albeit a freezing cold one). Right up to the point the wires – inserted via a tiny hole in my back – got jammed in my kidney and blood pressure went through the roof and the monitors started beeping as they found my pain thresh-hold. Needless to say I was under a general anaesthetic the next time they tried.

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