Camera and Photography Manufacturers

Digital and film camera companies

I reckon I’ve covered all the main players, the rest I will add as I come to them. If you think you belong below or want your entry amending, let me know.


Addenda 2020.
Many years since I first wrote this and a number of the companies have since disappeared or pulled out of the market as digital wholly replaced film and phones replace SLR camera and compacts.

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Main camera companies

  • Canon
    SLR and Digital cameras, scanners, printers*, camcorders, media. etc…
    If I wasn’t dedicated to Nikon I would be a Canon advocate. Can’t fault their SLR’s

    *I wouldn’t touch their bubblejet printers with a barge pole though and I’ve had horrendous experiences with Canon’s high end colour copiers!

  • Kodak
    In a surprising show of wisdom (for a corporate) these were in the forefront of digital cameras and camcorders. (They since dropped out of the hardware maket, focusing on digital printing

  • Nikon UK
    OK, I admit, I’m a snob. When I want a new computer I build it myself because I want the very best. And when I want a camera, who do I turn too? Too right. Nikon without a second thought, albeit the prices take some swallowing.
    I think at one point I had half a dozen Nikons from the cheap and cheery EM to a couple of F3’s and I’ve yet to find any Nikon camera or lens that I wasn’t satisfied with. The rest are also rans!

    The said, the current top range of Canon’s are gorgeous.

Smaller camera companies

  • Casio
    I suspect there are far far better known for calculators, watches and music but yes, they have a few nice digital camera’s too.

  • Contax
    Carl Zeiss lens as standard. OOOh!
    ([ contaxcameras ] have since dropped out of the market)

  • [ ] Creo
    Creo manufactures more than 300 products, including professional digital cameras, colour and copydot scanning systems; inkjet, drop-on-demand, and digital halftone proofers

  • Epson
    Actually one of the first to put there money behind digital cameras.

  • Exakta (Praktica)
  • Fuji Film
    The 4th generation CCD products look especially tasty.
    The also make a Nikon compatible* digital SLR – the FinePix S2 Pro which boasts the newly developed 3rd Generation of Fujifilm’s Super CCD sensor [not the 4th].
    The sensor, which has 6.17 million effective pixels and is capable of producing 12.1 million (4,256 x 2,848) recorded pixels
    *Compatible with all AF-D type, AF-G type and AF-S type Nikkor lenses

  • HP – Hewlett Packard
  • Jenoptik – Jena
    (jenimage .com) dead now
  • Konica
    Now merged with Minolta
    (konica .com a dead site now (and blocked by Virgin for threat level)
  • JVC
  • Kyocera
  • Leica
  • Minolta
    Minolta have a wide range of products from the cameras they are best known for to film scanners to some really nice printers. I still prefer Nikon every time.

  • Minox
    A German company with a range of digital cameras

  • Mustek
    Huge with scanners, but a decent range of digital cameras too.

  • Olympus
    Olympus used to have a huge market share a few decades back.

  • Panasonic
  • Pentax
    Pentax have a wide range of compact digital, SLR and medium format cameras. Never been a great fan myself though.
    Not redirects to Ricoh (below).
  • Polaroid
    Instant cameras and film, Digital Cameras, Digital Microscope Cameras, Film Recorders & Printers, Scanners & Software, CD Burners & Media and more

  • Praktica
  • Ricoh
  • Samsung
    The website is that hard to navigate I only persevered long enough to report the webmaster!
    Your [ ] website obviously hasn’t been cross-browser tested because, for a start, your menu system is all messed up with Mozilla. How sloppy is that! I expected better of you! Microsoft SP2 breaks it too for the ActiveX element. – Paul

    (My email to them at the time was blunt! They, like most site, have learnt that web design matters. Their ‘phones are stuck inside a phone these days).

  • Sanyo
    (Gone? Site blocked by Virgin due to inappropriate content and or risk)
  • Sony
  • Toshiba
  • Trust
  • Umax
  • Yashica
    (Goes to Kyocera last I looked)
  • Voigtlaender
  • Zeis

Medium and large format cameras

  • Bronica
    A very popular range of Medium format cameras – like Hassleblad, but without the extra price tag.
    (Brand gone? Site now bounces and gets slammed down by Virgin. Whatever lurks there now is unpleasant!)

    Each Bronica camera has its own system of lenses, film backs viewfinders and other accessories to suit the diverse needs of photographers.From fisheye to telephotos, Bronica lenses give you an incredible variety of focal lengths from which to choose. Film backs for the E/S and G series enable you to change film mid-roll. There are backs for all traditional medium format films including 220 and Polaroid. You can also get backs for alternative formats like 35mm, wide 35mm, 6×4.5 and more. Bronica also offers you a wide range of interchangeable viewfinders to suit your shooting style, such as waist level, eye level and metered AE finders.”

    I used to drool over the idea of Hassleblad and Bronica’s but I could never get my head round the idea of one camera model, one set of lenses. There’s always this suspicion in the back of my mind that I’d be getting screwed into a bespoke system. The mounts should, I feel, fit across the range.

  • Contax
    Carl Zeiss lens as standard. OOOh!
    (Shows hold old my site is, I guess, Contax stopped trading in 2005. At least they have the good decency to retain the old site, rather than let it be misused, like say Bronica did!)

  • Hassleblad
  • Imacon – Now merged with Hassleblad
  • Mamiya
    Mamiya have an excellent range of medium format cameras (to 6″x7″), some like the Mamiya 645 Pro even handle like a 35mm SLR.

    Some of the cameras have a mere handful of lenses available though. You’d think they would try and make the lenses with across the range, but I’ve always disliked studio photography myself, which is where medium and large format cameras often live.

    (Mamiya are gone too, now)

  • Phase One
    Digital medium format camera backs up to 22 Megapixels at present.
    Read this review at Luminous Landscape

  • Pentax
    (Also gone, see Ricoh, above)

  • Rollei


    – Teleplus converters, extension tubes, video converters and eyepieces

  • Sigma Lenses
    Almost on a par with Nikkor lenses. I use them myself.

  • Soligor
    – range of cameras, lenses, binoculars and accessories.

  • Tamron Lenses
    Manufacturer description:
    “Tamron’s original lens technology is packed into one compact chassis. Achieving the highest possible image quality in such a conveniently small and lightweight package is the result of efforts to develop new advanced technologies and combine them with our original opto-mechanical technologies. The design concept of Tamron’s feature packed, high power zoom lenses include delivering characteristics such as shorter MOD (Minimum Object Distance) to make the lenses handy for macro shooting, as well as making them easy to handle and effortless to carry with you.”

  • Tokina Lenses
    Manufacturer description
    “Tokina is highly respected for producing some unique and spectacular AT-X lenses, offering professional and amateur photographers something extra in terms of aperture, build quality and optical design.

    The term AT-X is derived from the phrase “Advanced Technology – Xtra”. This signifies a special group of lenses that are manufactured using the most advanced design and fabrication technologies available. The use of an unprecedented optical configuration system, independently developed by Tokina, has made advanced specifications, high performance, lightweight and compact designs possible. Tokina have also given full consideration to ergonomics and handling. AT-X means excellent performance from superior technology.”

  • Vivitar Lenses

Tripods and stands

  • Giotto
    Professional tripods and camera bags. I use their MT9170 tripod myself.

  • Gitzo
    Gitzo’s sell a range of range of tripods and camera supports and accessories for traditional and digital still photography and videography.

  • Manfrotto
    Gruppo Manfrotto are the international leader in the design and manufacturing of camera tripods, stands and lighting support systems

  • Slik Tripods
    Established over 30 years ago their state of the art engineering, combined with accumulated photographic knowledge, has been instrumental in helping Slik create tripods that are amazingly light, yet remarkably strong and stable.
    Slik offer a selection of over 40 different models including table top, compact, video, monopods and carbon fibre tripods as well as a comprehensive range of ball and socket heads, quick release shoes and other accessories.

  • Velbon Tripods
    For over 40 years the name VELBON has been recognised as a leader in the design, development and manufacture of tripods and tripod accessories. Whether you need a tripod for still camera – 35mm, medium format and large format, digital camera, video camera, binoculars or scopes, Velbon has a model with the quality, craftsmanship and exact features to meet your needs.

Camera bags and cases

  • Billingham Bags
    The world’s premier range of camera bags.
    If you ever see a cameraman or journalist of TV or in the street look closely and it’s a safe bet they will have one of these bags. They are the Roll Royce of camera cases.

  • CCS Camera Care Systems
    They have a versatile product range including waist mounted pouches for SLR cameras, lenses and compact cameras, rucksacks, holdalls and professional carrying cases – available in a variety of materials, finishes and capacities to suit your requirements.

    Apparently CCS products have been used almost everywhere: in the Antartic; on the first balloon flight over Everest; in the Amazon jungle; but mostly by photographers who wish to protect their valuable equipment with a functional quality-made product.

  • Giotto
    Professional tripods and camera bags. I use their MT9170 tripod myself.

  • Lowepro
    Lowespro manufacture a wide range of cameras cases and holdalls from digital flash meters to large format SLR’s to video cameras. Use these myself.

  • Oyster
    Cameras, lens and tripod cases

  • Pelican Products
    Manufacturers of watertight professional cases.
    They also make specialist lamps – military grade, diving etc etc.

  • Tamrac
    Tamrac produces Camera Bags, Camera Cases, Camcorder Bags, Camcorder Cases, Photo Backpacks, Camera Backpacks, Rolling Backpacks, Pro Camera Bags, Photographer’s Vest, Digital Camera Bags, and lots more.

Flashes, filters and other accessories

  • Cokin
    Filters and filter accessories

  • Gossen – Professional light meters.

  • Hoya accessories
    The best filter lenses in the world – with a website that’s an absolute beggar to locate!
    Hoya are the largest worldwide producer of optical glass, in fact around 60% of the entire worldwide demand and supply is met by HOYA. Hoya offers a wide variety of superior quality filters for use in all imaging applications such as 35mm SLR cameras, Medium Format, Large Format, Video, Cine and Digital, It is important to select the best filters for your needs, as choosing inferior brands can deteriorate the performance of your high quality lenses. Hoya filters guarantee you the highest standards so you can create the best images.

  • Lee Filters
    Products include a range of filters and filter accessories, lens adapters and lens hoods.

  • Metz
    I always think of yuppie alcohol if you mention Metz but, along with TV’s, DVD’s and such they also have a large range of flashes. Check for compatibility first though as, for example, there is no TTL flash control possible with Nikon’s digital SLR’s (D1 through D100).

  • Nixvue
    Products include(d) an all-in-one storage device for today’s digital camera user with massive capacity 2.5 inch hard
    disk (Up to 30Gb) and instant viewing on built-in colour LCD display.
    (another dead site)
  • Quantum
    They have a range of flashes which, unlike others, are fully compatible with Nikon’s digital SLR’s.
    Other products include photometers and wireless remote control for cameras and flashes.

    Their Quantum Battery is one of those products you never tend to think about but when you do you start to get a tad excitable when you think about it. It’s a range of camera batteries. The range extend to include the likes of Nikons SB-80 flash.
    If you do much digital photography you fast learn one given, the things have an insatiable appetite for batteries!

    The Quantum Battery connects to the camera using a convenient coiled cords, and the power packs clip to your belt or can be worn over the shoulder using any common camera strap. There QB1c pack is also designed to mount under your camera.

    A LED “fuel gauge” gives you visual oversight of the remaining battery capacity – no surprises, no missed shots and provide dependable power for extreme temperature climates.

    The reliable cells exhibit none of the “memory” effects of some other types of batteries. Typically a Quantum Battery will supply about 5 times the power of alkaline AA batteries. While performance varies according to actual operation.

  • Simpletech
    Designers and manufacturers of flash memory products for OEM and commercial applications.
    Includes PC Card (ATA and Linear Card), CompactFlash, SmartMedia, MultiMedia and SecureDigital Card.
    (simpletech .com times out now. Dead?)
  • Sunpak Flashguns
    Sunpak is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of electronic flash equipment. It has earned a reputation for advanced technical achievement and superior quality. Sunpak electronic flashes are produced for professionals as well as enthusiasts and casual photographers, with the range including Ring Flash for even illumination in macro and medical use.

Studio equipment and light meters

  • Cabin (USA)
    Cabin offer a range of light panels, slide holders and transparency projectors.
    (Gone now)
  • Elinchrom
    Professional studio lights and accessories

  • Gossen
    Professional light meters.

  • Photon Beard
    Specialist manufacturers of Portable Tungsten and Studio Fluorescent Lighting to the Broadcast industry.

  • Polaris
    Professional exposure meters

  • Sekonic
    Professional light and flash meters and related products including a Digital Wireless Radio Triggering System.
    (Gone now)

  • Agfa
    One of the de-facto’s for film, darkroom products and inkjet paper.

  • Dunco and Beard
    – Easels

  • Durst
    Most of their products are aimed at professional printers and photo-printing, photo-publishing applications, products like the Rho 160 which is some 15ft wide and can print onto rigid material up to 40 mm (1.58 in.).

    On more concern are the likes of their UT100 plastic film drying cabinet, digital timers, the Labolux sodium darkroom lighting system whose 100 LEDs can supply optimum light for up to 10,000 hours, film and paper processors and a range of enlargers up to the professional level Laborator 1200.

  • Epson
  • Fuji Film
  • Gepe
    Professional slide mounts and related products

  • Hakuba
    – Photographic loupes (magnifiers) and media cases for memory cards

  • HP – Hewlett Packard
  • Ilford
    These guys are to Black and White photography what Ford are to cars!
    Film, paper, chemicals, even high end printers capable of 6ft x 16ft glossy posters

  • JOBO
    – Darkroom Equipment

  • Kaiser
    – Enlargers and darkroom equipment

  • Kodak
    It’s Kodak, come on!

  • LPL
    Enlargers, Timers and darkroom equipment

  • Marrutt
    Apparently besides being the main distributors of Lyson archival long life inks and media in the UK they are the largest manufacturers of rotary doors and drying cabinets in Europe.

  • Meopta
    Enlargers and darkroom equipment including Enlarging Lenses, Enlarger Switch Timers, Print Masking Frames, Negative Carriers Inserts, Light Mixing Chambers, Transformers and Trimmers. Includes the Anaret lenses which apparently are optically identical to Schieders Componar S range.
    (Gone now)

  • Paterson
    Darkroom equipment

  • Polaroid
    Instant cameras and film, Digital Cameras, Digital Microscope Cameras, Film Recorders & Printers, Scanners & Software, CD Burners & Media and more

  • Rodenstock
    Prestige German optical manufacturers Rodenstock produce an excellent range of enlarger lenses from budget to APO.

  • Rotatrim
    Photo and paper cutters and trimmers

  • Schneider
    Schneiders optical range covers Enlarging lenses to filters to applications in the US space shuttle!

  • Silverprint Ltd
    Silverprint are actually a London based supplier but I have included them because they have a massive catalogue of darkroom papers, chemicals and equipment.

  • Tetenal
    Printing and inkjet paper and high end services including preprocess and medical imaging.

  • Walther
    Photo album range.


  • Anagramm
    High end professional equipment and services
    (Gone now)

  • Foveon – now part of Sigma
    Products include a 16.8-million pixel image sensor.
    Included for interest, these are more a cutting edge component company.

  • Kigamo
    medium format accessories and software

  • Pentacon
    Component manufacturers. They also own the Praktica and Exakta brands.

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