Southport Airshow 2008

Southport Airshow (2008)

We missed most of due, largely due to the weather – no great desire to stand in the rain for 8 hours watching the odd flyby. As it was it brightened up in the afternoon and we caught the tail-end. Shame, from what I saw in the distance as we arrived we missed a good day – simulated air-ground attacks and such.

Shall look out for it next year, I think. I’ll put some of the better photographs on the gallery in a day or so, but for now here’s a few that caught my eye. Just a shame my camera, lens, slow reactions (and the weather) couldn’t do these justice. Maybe next time.

Attack helicopter, type unknown

Simulated bombing run


AWAC Tracking plane, type unknown

The only commercial air display team in the world - flying close!

RAF Jet Fighter

RAF passenger transport plane, type unknown

RAF training jet

Royal Navy helicopter

RAF Red Arrows arrival display

RAF Red Arrows, trailing, head on view

RAF Red Arrows, close formation

RAF Red Arrows, up close and scary manoeuver

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