Official complaint to the Ann Marr, Chief Executive of Whiston Hospital

Copy of letter sent to PALS and to the chief executive of the trust


Dear Ms Marr,

I write to complain, stating a failure to provide a duty of care, whilst under the care of Whiston Hospital. The details follow in chronological order.

I attended for my appointment with Dr Steiger, during which I mentioned my G.P.s concerns re blood tests she had taken, and further concern re kidney problems. Dr. Steiger admitted me immediately to the Medical Assessment Unit.

23/ 08/06
I was reviewed by Dr. Schultz, Nephrology Consultant, (Royal Hospital, Liverpool). He arranged to move the renal scan forward, and for additional tests for white cells, and protein in the urine.

Ultra Sound Department apparently had no record of the request, and insisted on keeping the appointment for 06/09/06. I was then transferred to K3 Ward.

The Staff appeared indifferent to my concerns re the scan, limited the urine tests to volume passed, and would not perform the blood tests, despite the necessity of monitoring the Creatanine levels. One nurse, when I reminded her said ‘It only needs doing once a day’

It is 2100hrs. and I am still waiting, not that I enjoy having blood taken, but if it is necessary, it should be done.

At this point, I am utterly disgusted with my lack of care.

I have not been reviewed by Doctors, apart from a medical student, more interested in my Hereditary Spastic Paresis, as it is likely to appear on his exam paper.
[Addenda: This I didn’t object to, but it just goes to highlight the deficiencies]

Morning blood tests taken. Ultra Sound performed mid morning.

(Not in original letter, but reported separately):
The radiologist was unbelievably rude for a so called health care specialist. In the waiting room, before several waiting patients, he had the following conversation with the receptionist on duty:
What do you mean ‘an obese lady is booked in’? How obese? If she’s too fat I’m not scanning her!
His attitude was loud and belligerent and I’d say all the waiting patients were stunned by his outburst. This extended to me personally when I went in for my ultrasound scans:

I’ve cancelled your appointment you know!
Sorry, what!?
Your appointment for next month, your don’t need to come now, I’ve cancelled it. Right!
Errr, ok!
On leaving* …
One of the Freemasons are you?
Eh!? (Utterly confused by now.)

*I had forgot to remove one of the paper towels and he was making some obscure comment that went right over my head. The entire episode still seems surreal months on.

I was approached by the Bed Manager [Ward Manager, actually] and it was mentioned that as I had the X Rays I could be discharged. I have not seen a Doctor since 23/08/06, my symptoms are getting worse, my blood pressure is rising, (I have never suffered from hypertension), no diagnosis has been made, and I am being asked to leave!

Funnily enough, when I refused to go, a Doctor was found to review me. He arrived a few hours later, and was more than surprised that no one had seen me.

The Ultra Sound showed no obstructions*, however the X Ray showed that one of my kidneys is enlarged, the creatanine levels are still far to high but are dropping slowly, so they will monitor them for a few more days. If they continue to drop, they will release me on 28/08/06 to the care of Dr Schultz, Nephrology Consultant.

Note: It turns out I had a bilateral obstruction of the ureters. A CT or MRI scan would have revealed this – and did at the Royal. The point of this being Dr Schultz recommended this scan as a priority – to be done before I was transferred to the Royal. Apparently – if they even read them – the recommendations of one of the countries leading nephrologists doesn’t hold much sway with Whiston, eh!

I have still not been reviewed by a Doctor, my blood pressure is constantly rising, Creatanine and urea levels rising again, day by day. Symptoms worsening, despite this I have had no dietary advice, or information re intake or output requirements.

Taken by ambulance to St. Helens Hospital, for pre arranged appointment with Dr. Schultz. He requested further Urology tests. Returned to K3 Ward Whiston.

Transferred to the Royal Hospital, without above tests being performed.

Update, I have been reviewed by Dr Shultz, and told that I have progressed from grade 1 kidney failure to grade two, (of which there are apparently 3 grades.) [Addenda: It was actually grade 3 for the left kidney]

I therefore feel I have justifiable grounds to complain.

Yours truthfully,
Stephen Paul Ackerley.

Addenda, reported separately

My ‘named nurse’ was a first year student and I don’t think I even saw her again after the first day as she returned to her (written) studies.

My ‘named doctor’ was a Dr Murty (?) and I’m not even sure if I even saw him!

Besides MAU, the nearest I ever really got to a doctor seeing me was on the last Friday (about 6pm) when a consultant and three other doctors stopped by, pointed out I was under Dr Schultz’s care and then walked off. The fact that Dr Schultz doesn’t work at or even really cover Whiston Hospital, and the fact that at every single point they (they being everyone) ignored his recommendations, well…  
They did say I should be moved to ward D3, but that never happened either!

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