Sheila White : Tall, Dark and Handsome

Tall, Dark and Handsome

He was tall, he was dark, he was handsome
It was love at first sight when we met.
He was tall, he was dark he was handsome,
And his love I will never forget.

He courted me so very sweetly
We were married one day in the fall,
He was tall, he was dark he was handsome,
And I treasured his love above all.

The angels were watching from heaven,
They smiled down on us from above,
But soon they got jealous and lonely
T’was then that they took back my love.

So I sit here alone and I ponder,
About life and the love that we knew,
And I know he is waiting up yonder
Till we both can begin life anew.


© Sheila White, 1985

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