Poems by Sheila White : Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

Love At First Sight

His head was proud, his eyes were cool
They sent a tremor to my soul.
Could he, would he, will he?
Or was the magic only mine?

I’d waited long not knowing why
I’d said to others “pass on by”
Was this the dream, could it be?
Or was the magic just for me?

The magic ruled within me still,
It gripped my soul, my heart, my will
My soul called out “God let this be”
Don’t make the magic just for me.

The answer came through eyes so tender,
Which fervently said “I surrender.”
This was the dream, the dream divine,
The magic was both his – and mine.

© Sheila White, 1985

Author, song-writer and poet Sheila White
{ Author, song-writer and poet Sheila White, (nanna) }

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