Multi-choice photography quiz: part 2

Multiple-choice photography quiz: part 5, questions 21 to 40


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21) Lenses are usually coated with

a) magnesium fluoride
b) sodium fluoride
c) zinc fluorite

22) ‘Camera’ is actually a Latin word meaning

a) picture box
b) room
c) light box

23) The world’s first photographic portrait studio was opened in

a) 1840
b) 1850
c) 1860

24) The world’s first all electric photographic studio was opened in

a) 1877
b) 1897
c) 1917

25) Incident light

a) falls on the subject
b) is reflected from the subject
c) backlights the subject

26) Who coined the term ‘photography’?

a) Fox Talbot
b) Nicephore Niepce
c) Sir John Herschel

27) ‘Photography’ comes from the Greek words PHOTOS and GRAPHOS. What does it mean?

a) Light graphics
b) Light writing
c) Light drawing

28.) What is a photon?

a) A particle of light energy
b) A measure of light energy
c) A stream of light energy

29) What type of development process does Kodachrome need?

a) Additive
b) Subtractive
c) Dye replacement

30) Your print needs 8 seconds at f5.6 (in a diffuser enlarger). You decide to use f11, what is your new exposure?

a) 16 seconds
b) 24 seconds
c) 32 seconds

31) What was Roger Fenton famous for?

a) War photography
b) Founding the Royal Photographic Society?
c) Both

32) When was the first proper flashbulb invented?

a) 1920
b) 1925
c) 1930

33) What is a ‘magic lantern’?

a) a slide projector
b) an early enlarger
c) a flashbulb

34) Your negative is very weak with very little shadow detail. Why?

a) Under exposure and under development
b) Under exposure and over development
c) Over exposure and over development

35) What is ‘posterization’?

a) extreme tone separation
b) partial image reversal
c) total image reversal

36) David Seyour was the founder of which group?

a) f64
b) Societe Heliographique
c) Magnum

37) Which camera (from around 1984) used solar energy to assist the batteries?

a) Nikon FA
b) Ricoh XR-S
c) Pentax LX

38.) Your black and white print has mottled tones despite full development. Why?

a) old paper
b) contaminated stop bath
c) exhausted fixer

39) What is ‘chiaroscuro’?

a) a lens aberration
b) a light and shade effect
c) warped negative film

40) What temperature should colour film be developed at?

a) 95 degrees celsius
b) 100 degrees celsius
c) 105 degrees celsius


You can find the correct answers here : 100 multiple choice photography questions : answers


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