Multi-choice photography quiz: part 1

Multiple-choice photography quiz: part 1, questions 1 to 20


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1) Baryta is used in

a) film emulsion
b) resin coated print
c) fibre based prints

2) Red’s complimentary colour is

a) cyan
b) magenta
c) yellow

3) Ilford’s XP-1 film is

a) chromogenic
b) panchromatic
c) both

4) Anaglyphs are

a) 3D prints
b) 3D slides
c) black and white slides

5) The ‘autochrome’ process was introduced in

a) 1897
b) 1907
c) 1917

6) A ‘bleeding’ picture is one that is

a) without borders
b) badly printed
c) streaked due to exhausted developer

7) Visible light occurs between

a) 3000 and 8000 Angstrom
b) 3000 and 7000 Angstrom
c) 4000 and 7000 Angstrom

8.) The Camera Obscura was first recorded in

a) 400BC
b) 1600 AD
c) 1800 AD

9) Cold cathode illumination is mostly used in

a) 4 x 5 enlargers
b) 6 x 7 enlargers
c) 8 x 10 enlargers

10) Reciprocity failure affects slides at exposures of

a) 1 seconds or more
b) 8 seconds or more
c) 30 seconds or more

11) A Camera Lucida is

a) an artists aid
b) an early box camera
c) a type of rangefinder camera

12) Which of the following parts of the eye are the most colour sensitive

a) the rods
b) the cones
c) the iris

13) Red colours under green light would appear

a) green
b) blue
c) black

14) The worlds oldest surving photograph was taken in

a) 1826
b) 1836
c) 1846

15) The first Canon camera was released in

a) 1930
b) 1935
c) 1940

16) What is a ‘dolly’?

a) a heavy tripod
b) a remote flash
c) a camera case

17) What was the first camera to be used on the moon?

a) Liecaflex SL MOT
b) Hasseblad 500EL HEC
c) Mamiya RB67

18.) A Candela is a measure of light

a) wavelength
b) temperature
c) intensity

19) When was the first ever colour photograph taken?

a) 1861
b) 1881
c) 1901

20) Which colour is the most actinic?

a) red
b) green
c) blue


You can find the correct answers here : 100 multiple choice photography questions : answers


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