Multi-choice photography quiz: part 3

Multiple-choice photography quiz: part 3, questions 41 to 60


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41) Lacock Abbey is associated with

a) Fox Talbot
b) Cartier Bressan
c) Friar Tuck

42) ‘Bright field’ is associated with

a) photomicrography
b) lens flare
c) focusing screens

43) The Callier effect is

a) a Cokin filter effect
b) lens flare
c) light scattering in a condenser enlarger

44) Magnesium fluoride is used in

a) film emulsion
b) lens coating
c) printing paper bases

45) Daylight colour film is balanced for light at

a) 3200 K
b) 3400 K
c) 5400 K

46) Circles of confusion are most prominent in

a) mirror lens
b) zoom lens
c) fisheye lens

47) Contre jour is

a) a chance shot
b) back lighting
c) increased grain

48.) Developers are

a) acidic
b) alkaline
c) neutral

49) Cadmium sulphide is used in

a) sepia toners
b) fibre based photo paper
c) light meters

50) 400 ASA film has a DIN rating of

a) 27
b) 24
c) 21

51) Thristor controls are found in

a) computerised flashguns
b) program cameras
c) colour enlargers

52) Fresnal lens

a) is an independant make
b) are used in focusing screens
c) is a soft focus filter

53) Magenta is a combination of

a) red and blue light
b) red and green light
c) blue and green light

54) Panchromatic film is sensitive to

a) all light
b) all light bar red
c) all light bar green

55) Panning is a method of

a) transferring prints between developer trays
b) producing a sharp subject against a blurred background
c) photo-montaging images

56) Panoramic cameras can cover an angle of view of

a) 180 degrees
b) 270 degrees
c) 360 degrees

57) Parallax error is due to

a) your flash mis-timing
b) viewing and taking lenses being separate
c) flaws in ultra wide angle lenses

58.) Photograms are photos produced without a camera

a) true
b) false
c) both

59) The Sabattier effect is due to

a) partial reversal of image tones
b) very long exposures
c) using colour developer on black and white film

60) Acutance is

a) a Paterson wash aid
b) a measure of an images’ edge sharpness
c) a form of vignetting


You can find the correct answers here : 100 multiple choice photography questions : answers


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