24 Photography questions to test you


1) When was the first recorded Camera Obscura?

2) Can you name at least two members of the influential American ‘Group f64’?

3) You are at a rock concern using HP5 film at 3200 ASA. How would you process it?

4) When was the first ever Canon camera released?

5) You are using a 35mm lens at f5.6 and 1/500 and decide to pull in the action with a 400mm lens. How would you correct the exposure?

6) What is the standard lens for an 8″ x 10″ format camera?

7) What is/are burning and dodging?

8) How many stops difference are there between 200 and 1000 ASA film?

9) What colour light is the human eye most sensitive too?

10) What is a cronographic camera used for?

11) What is the maximum angle of view a panoramic camera can cover?

12) When was disc film first used?

13) What is/are gamma?

14) What is a latent image?

15) Which (was the first) camera uses solar energy to supplement the battery power?

16) What is a Candela?

17) Minolta produced a camera for left-handed people. True or false?

18) Where is the focal plane?

19) If you take blue from white light, what is left?

20) When was the first ever colour photo made?

21) What does the Abbe number measure?

22) Which colour of the spectrum is the most actinic?

23) What is the best shutter speed to use when taking a picture from a (British) television and why?

24) It’s a normal sunny day and you are using a standard lens and you see a Lotus Esprit travelling past at a right angle to you at 30mph. What’s the minimum shutter speed you will need to freeze the subject?

Scary thing is I used to know all this in my head. Now? I’ve not a clue about some of them, let alone the formula I used for the last question.

I can’t remember who or what I actually wrote this for, Mensa Special Interest Group maybe, perhaps for a college lecturer, can’t see me writing it for the photography journals of the time, but maybe.

Scratching your head? This dates from about 1983, so you know.

It you can make use of this, feel free. Citation and link appreciated ~ Ack :)

If you are struggling, to avoid putting a spoiler on the page, the answers are here

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