24 photography questions – answers


These are the answers to the following quiz: 24 photography questions to test you:

1) Around 400 BC by Aristotle

2) Edward Weston, Ansel Adams, Willard Van Dyke and/or Imogen Cunningham

3) Increase the development time by 183%. Ideal development would be 16 minutes at 20 degrees Celsius in Micropen

4) 1935

5) Trick question, you wouldn’t. The lens in use should have no effect on exposure. (Camera shake, etc., is another, separate matter)

6) 355mm

7) Methods of improving print tonality

8) 2 1/4 stops difference

9) Green

10) Photographing the sun

11) 360 degrees

12) 1893

13) A measure of print contrast

14) An undeveloped picture (in print or film)

15) Ricoh XR-S

16) A photometric unit of luminous intensity

17) True

18) The film emulsion (or sensor on digital cameras) for a correctly focused image. It is where the image comes to rest

19) Yellow light. White minus blue leaves red and green, creating yellow

20) 1861 by James Maxwell

21) The degree of refraction of light – the dispersion of light.

22) Blue

23) 1/15 (or 1/8) because British televisions use a 625 line per second system which forms a complete image every 1/25 second, therefore you need a shutter speed slower than this.

24) 1/1000

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