Two dozen photography word puzzles – answers

Photography word puzzles: Answers

Hint: this was first written back in the 80’s – a bygone era with no PC’s as such, no Internet and no photo printers – when film cameras ruled the world and photographers used dark rooms to process pictures.

Fill in the word / letters which best completes the first word and starts the second.

For example BAR(MAID)EN.

1) NI( kon )ICA

2) FIL( ter )RAIN

3) HIGH( light )METER

4) EQUIP( ment )ION

5) AMBRO( type )WRITER

6) PHOTO( graph )OLOGY

7) SAFE( light )HOUSE

8) INFRA( red )EYE

9) TELE( photo )GLYPH

10) CON( tour )IST

11) AUTO( focus )FINDER

12) COMP( act )INIC

13) CONTRE( jour )NAL

14) DEV( eloper )ATION

15) KEL( vin )YARD

16) MONO( bath )ROBE

17) ROLL( film )SPEED

18) HYPER( focal )PLANE

19) EKTA( flex )IBLE

20) PHOTO( copy )RIGHT

21) VIEW( point )ILLISM

22) AGFA( pan )ATOMIC X

23) SPEC( trum )PET

24) PHYSIO( gram )MAR

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Copyright Paul Ackerley 1983

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