Multi-choice photography quiz: part 5

Multiple-choice photography quiz: part 5, questions 81 to 100


[ Part 1 (1-20) ] ~ [ Part 2 (21-40) ] ~ [ Part 3 (41-60) ] ~ [ Part 4 (61-80) ] ~ [ Part 5 (81-100) ]

81) Developers go off due to

a) oxidation
b) reduction
c) redox reactions

82) Star and diffraction filters work due to

a) impurities put into the glass
b) distortions in the glass
c) scratches on the glass

83) The ‘standard’ lens on an 8 x 10 view camera is

a) 170mm
b) 240mm
c) 355mm

84) Intervalometers are used

a) as flash meters
b) for time lapse photography
c) for enlarger timers

85) A slave is

a) a remote flash trigger
b) a small tripod
c) someone to carry your gear

86) 8 x 10 paper is now designated

a) 20.3 x 25.4cm
b) 27.9 x 35.6cm
c) 16.5 x 21.6cm

87) A Diastar 200 is

a) a type of flash
b) a filter effect
c) a slide viewer

88.) The fastest colour film available is

a) 1000 ASA
b) 1600 ASA
c) 3200 ASA

89) Snow scenes fool camera meters into

a) over exposure
b) nothing, the meters compensate
c) under exposure

90) Focus finders are found in

a) studios
b) darkrooms
c) cameras

91) HR, KR and CT are/were all types of

a) film
b) photo paper
c) developing agents

92) Xenon is used in

a) lightmeters
b) lcd readouts
c) flashguns

93) True macro magnification starts at

a) 1:1
b) 1:2
c) 2:1

94) Konica made a camera specially for left-handed people

a) I wish!
b) false
c) true

95) R. Capa, L. Hine and Don Mccullin are/were all

a) studio photographers
b) photo-journalists
c) natural history photographers

96) Ansel Adams, Lord Snowdon and Ernst Haas were all born under which starsign?

a) virgo
b) aries
c) pisces

97) Gene Nocon was famous for

a) advertising shots
b) darkroom works
c) fashion work in Vogue

98.) Which independent manufacturer released a 300mm f2.8 lens in 1984?

a) Tamron
b) Tokina
c) Sigma

99) Metol is a

a) developing agent
b) reducing agent
c) both

100) The Bronica GS1 camera worked with

a) 5 different film formats
b) 6 different film formats
c) 7 different film formats


You can find the correct answers here : 100 multiple choice photography questions : answers


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