Warcraft Headless Horseman event drops

Headless Horseman farming

Missed one or two tries due to that god awful cogwheel bug dc’ing us constantly but for the main part, I managed 10 runs a day, every day, just missed 5 because the problems were so bad I gave up on WoW for the day. Wish they would stop pretending there is no problem there and fix that patch day DC issue.

ANYWAY 10 level 80’s doing the event once a day, every day, in all 145 tries, yielded:

Flying Broom : 39 times
Some alts got it once, others six times. Pity this isn’t a permanent mount!

Sinister Squashing Pet : 34 times
Some alts managed to get it 7 times, my shaman never got it once and for the past few days has been trying to get it via the ‘trick or treat’ bags – and is running out of time to get one :S

The Horseman’s Horrific Helm : 4 times
REALLY low drop rate on this one. To make it more annoying, I wanted one for my warrior and instead got one on my mage and TWO on my shaman. :S The last one went to my deathknight

The Horseman’s Baleful Blade : 6 times
Again, really low drop rate. Got it twice on my mage.

and finally the mount… The Horseman’s Reins : 6 times
Rather irked over this as I wanted it on my main – mage – and he never got a look in, while the warlock got it twice. Friend was similar, he tried and tried to get it on his main – rogue – while another of his lesser alts got it 3 times.

Headless Horseman

Blizzard loot tables suck, though I’m 100% behind the loot bags and wish they would use it in all instances – especially for the rare mounts which, left be honest, are forever being ninja’d. Would also stop all this, “Well I’m guild leader, I get it first”, nonsense that does go on, eh.


They eventually – finally – made mounts BoA, but there are still people that are trying to get it to drop. Loot tables, eh!

(Don’t talk to me about the (greater than) 50,000:1 drop rate of the Valentine’s rocket mount, gave up trying for that years ago!)

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