DC’s and why I am closing Warcraft accounts

Quitting Warcraft forever! (Again!)

‘This’ account I’ve already cancelled and runs out in a few days, and my main account expires today.

Every patch since v3.1.1 – even tiny ones like the one this morning – cause me major grief. I constantly DC on log on in any heavily populated area – if I have alts in Dalaran I’m locked out from playing them for days on end unless I run a cable though the kitchen to rescue them.

wow dc

Blizzard standard reply is a) it’s your gear b) it’s your drivers c) start with a) again, nothing our end guv, honest…

If you look at forums or Google it you’ll notice this affects countless people all over the world, all with different setups. Wireless connection are the worst affected, and USB wireless the worst of all.

Aha, pounce the fanboys and blues (Blizzard support misdirecting you) looking for an excuse, “USB wireless, there you go…”

There you damned well don’t go. On a regular day I can run browsers, EVE online, two copies of Warcraft, paint packages and other apps. All with no lag, no dc’s just the odd drop in frame rate (invariably in Dalaran).


Whatever Blizzard did in 3.1.1 persists. They know what they did, they just cannot or will not fix it. Not bothered exploring it deeply, but it involves a chunk of data relating to other players and/or NPC’s.

It has NOTHING to do with my characters. It has NOTHING to do with my hardware, it has LITTLE OR NOTHING to do with add-ons (disabling them makes no difference). It has EVERYTHING to do with pulling a flood of data from others.

I do not DC in instances or raid, not outside, not quiet places like Exodar. It’s cities – Ironforge is OK, usually, SW is bad, Dalaran is a lost cause.

It’s like a aggro circle. You can start outside Stormwind fine. With luck you can walk round to Old Town fine. You get within sight of the bank or Auction House – instant DC and your internet lost, even had PC crashes as a result.

Applies in Dalaran. You can log in fine in say the bank, the minute you move towards say the fishing trainer, DC…

So, every time Blizzard patch I am forced to run a cable so whatever it needs is downloaded on every alt. Then, miracle of miracles, all the DC’s stop and I can go back to using usb wireless. Until the next patch.

I’ve not updated drivers, I’ve not reset the cache, I’ve not reset or rebooted the router, not swapped the hardware of any of the other BS that Blizzard [i]claim[/i] is the cause. And now it patches on the fly and the DC’s are a pain in the backside.

As a point of note, when you cancel your account, one of the first things on the list is “Are you leaving because of all the DC’s” They KNOW how bad the problem is, they just refuse to honestly acknowledge there is one or to deal with it.

Before you dismiss this rant, try this. Set your resolution up reasonably high and starting at one bank in Dalaran, walk round to the other one and watch the frame rate rise and drop as you pass groups of people. If you have network tools and sniffers you can watch the changes, the packet flooding.

Whatever this nugget of data is, Blizzard need to either give you the option to turn it off, or somehow load it into your cache before you log the character in.

Seriously Blizzard, how hard can it be when you have the revenue from 12,000,000 accounts filling your bloated coffers? The revenue from subscriptions alone – not merchandise, franchises, conventions, spin-offs, charged services for renames etc etc – add up to £1.3 BILLION a year. And that’s without the added revenue from Cataclysm ahead.

With that much money riding on it, they cannot NOT know the exact cause, which begs the question, a) why won’t they fix it (note: won’t – not can’t, seeing as you can pinpoint the exact day and patch it started in) and b) why do they choose to blame players – paying customers – instead of being open about the issue.

And just how many accounts – like mine – do they lose because we are sick of it?

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  1. why not start a class action against Blizzard nothing else works. My isp said they have had 100’s if not 1000’s of complaints since the big update pre-Cat

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