Quitting Warcraft – Sick of DC’s

Here’s my ‘Reason for leaving’ submitted to Blizzard:

There’s a lot of issues with the game lately but the final straw is the incessant DC’s.

For the record it is NOT our wireless cards/drivers/ISP/addons/etc.

WHY can’t you be honest & fix the patch day DC’s instead of trying to BS us? This problem ONLY occurs after a patch or update and clears up ON IT’S OWN after a day or so.

Patches are *OBVIOUSLY* resetting something that floods the network when you relog. We’ve put up with it since 3.3 and now you patch on the fly… the games not playable like this!

reason for quitting wow - dcs

If you look on the forums, the blue support teams will unfailingly blame YOUR computer, YOUR drivers, YOUR ISP. They give you a long list of things to do like resetting the cache etc – that only actually make it worse.

If you look on their official support pages their top issues (at the time) were:

“World of Warcraft Fails to Start after Patching”
“Disconnects, Unknown Entities, naked characters, red ?’s and other strange things.”


I’m hardly a guru but I’ve been around computer games, computers and networks for over 30 years and is it blindingly obvious to me that they know exactly what the problem is, they know exactly when THEY caused it (around patch 3.3.1, March 2010) – and that they cannot – or more to the point will not fix it.

It absolutely beggers believe that a company with a player base of 12 million paying customers are sticking their heads in the sand. Not only that, they are lying to us about it.

My reasoning goes like this:

My usb wireless connection, while far from ideal, is still good enough to multi-box two Warcraft accounts AND EVE Online and web browsers with youtube open and spotify playing. No real lag, no issues.

The next day I start-up. Spotify (check), EVE Online (check) Warcraft (updating… log CRASH)

The moment I log into Warcraft after a patch or update THEY send a massive spike of data that overloads my network, disconnecting me from the Internet.

Now, yesterday, these drivers, this usb modem were all fine. In 2 or 3 days I know – from months of experience – that they will be fine again. I also 100% unequivocally know – again from experience – that if I ask Blizzard they will blame my drivers.

Age of Conan doesn’t do this to me, nor EVE Online, nor DDO, nor Warhammer, nor Lord of the Rings, only Warcraft

So, I point out that the issue ONLY affects Warcraft, ONLY happens as a direct result of a patch, and that – without any updates – it fixes itself in 3 days. If I do this over the phone, I get fobbed off, or they hang up, if I do this on the official forum the threads tend to disappear =D

NOW, Trolls will say one of two things, “QQ moar, I dont care” or “Noob, itz cos u got wireless”

To the trolls, here and on forums the world over: a) Learn better English, sheesh! and b) I don’t feed Trolls /ignore

If anyone from Blizzard passes this page I will point out:

I will NEVER, EVER revive the second account. That’s you lost another £108 a year.

I just cancelled my main account with ten level 80’s and over one million gold to play with ((yes, really)) and yet I am walking away from your game. I am the type of player that you drool over, the type that buys extra accounts, buys the silly vanity pets, dutifully (even pedantically) reports the typo’s, bugs and exploits I find.

I still want to play, but the simple fact is it’s so frustrating to constantly DC’s using wireless (when wired isn’t practical) that I’d rather walk away that put up with the upsets.

True, it doesn’t affect all wireless users but I suggest you take the blinkers off Blizzard and ask yourself this:

  • How many ARE on wireless, and just how many are affected?
  • Do you even know, for sure?

  • How many walk away from the game as a result of this long-standing issue, never to return? ( If it’s “only” 10,000 out of the player base that’s still well over a million pound a year lost!)

  • How many get the trial, run into the same connectivity problem and never subscribe? ( If it’s “only” 10,000 out of the player base that’s another few million pound a year lost!)

I put up with all the bugs and the problems over the years, I’ve stayed loyal while all my friends left the game because you dumbed it down to the level of an eight year old to flood it with often illiterate, frequently obnoxious teenagers and pre-teens, and still you would rather lie to me, to us, than hold your hands up and say, “We recognise this is a problem, we are doing our best”

Honestly, I cannot understand why they won’t be more open and fix this.


The next day, after the Wednesday maintenance, they applied two patches, one to the downloader, the other a chunky 1.7Gb pre Cataclysm patch (4.0.3) and I was fully prepared with a few days of hassles and running ethernet cable through the kitchen to have any chance of a connecting to the game.

Interestingly… , so far, I haven’t disconnected once so far, and this has got me to thinking.

It goes like this. I, and many others, ONLY get this issue after a patch. And thinking back, it was a change to the downloader that was the start of all our woes. It seems very much to me that it was the downloader itself that was killing essential files/cache – and not the patch itself, per se. This is why the repair tool failed to make any difference.

No doubt it will make a liar out of me and crash my Internet when I log on an alt, but I’m hoping that Activision, while not admitting that they caused it in the first place, has decided they are losing too many millions in cancelled accounts (blaming DC’s for quitting) and fixed it. Better late than never, if so!

THAT SAID, I still have constant issues with this in Dalaran, but let’s be honest here – who doesn’t. And if – as we all know – EVERYONE – has lag (if not DC) issues with Dalaran, then clearly there is a major aspect of the game that needs fixing. The game is getting too much data for networks to handle. Yes, disabling all your add-ons, and dropping the resolution through the floor helps, but at the end of the day, if you have a glorious high res game that can only be reliably played like that if you are hard-wired to the exchange, well, why bother.

The simple fact is the game is pulling too much data from other players, as this is predominantly a city issue. The simple solution is this: turn it off by default The vast majority of the time we don’t care what the other players look like, what achievements they have, if we did we’d examine them. Meh!

Addenda (2020): SSDD

2020, I am working through links etc, and the original one above (to support) is gone, or at least that particular one has, but it does still direct to support. And the first thread?

8.3.7 DISCONNECTIONS – WOW51900319

Technical Support

“Ever since I’ve switched my ISP like two years ago I have never had any issues with disconnections until patch 8.3.7. Suddenly I’m getting randomly booted from the game.”

This (current) thread is follow by another 75 comments, from around the world, with raids destroyed as half the players get disconnected. And the blue post? “It’s not us, it much be you, all fine our end.”

Blizzard’s lackeys are clearly unable to tell the truth (c.f. pathological liar). Probably shit scared of following the last 800 employees down the road (while Bobby boy boasted his annual salary from $28 to $40 million a year!) Regardless, it’s the same old story, the same shit on a direct day. Ten years and still they absolutely will not change, will not admit when their patches screw up. I do not miss this game!

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