Baldur’s Gate 3: Defeating the Hag and saving Mayrina

Baldur’s Gate 3: Hag fight: Defeating Auntie Ethel and saving Mayrina

I’ve updated this to include the option to fight the Hag in her hut and avoid a lot of hassle. They may remove this in later patches, but for now, it’s possible to slaughter Auntie Ethel easily, even at level 4 or below.

Bag a hag!

Clear the swamp of Redcaps. You have to kill them anyway, and you definitely do not want them running to the Hag’s aide!

Do not kill any neutral creatures in the swamp, as one or two of them may reward you for killing the hag. Hint: 🐸

(Save the game).
Have any discussions you want with Auntie Ethel – without pushing her to initiate the fight.

Surround her completely so she can’t run away if or when she starts losing. This is not as easy as it sounds! Familiars can help, too, as can other summonses in the fight.

SAVE, just in case!

Initiate the fight with an attack.
This may change as the game evolves, but this is how it is at present:

Keep her surrounded at all times so:

a) She can’t escape
b) She can’t cast mirror images (no room for the spell)
c) She won’t use devastating AoE attacks (as she is in the middle of them)

At some point, she will go invisible; use a weak AoE ground attack to reveal her. Don’t use anything that can ignite, though! A flask of Alchemist’s Fire does the job without too much friendly fire. Not tried it, but a flask of water might work, too; no AoE splash to your party if so.

If you cast a Silence spell in the first round, it will also stop your own spells, but it is much worse for her as there are four in your party hacking away at her with ranged and melee weapons, plus any familiars helping.

Without spawns or help and with her magic attacks weakened or stop completely, it’s just a case of wearing her down. Stuns help in this fight, but it doesn’t need high-power attacks, wyvern poison, or anything exotic. I didn’t save, but my last fight was with a ranger using a greatsword, a bear and raven helping, and the NPC’s attacking with daggers and crossbows.

With her dead, you can explore her lair with relative ease (traps aside).

You can also teleport from her lair to the Underdark and completely avoid (or defer) the goblin camp.
(Hint: those masks are useful for getting to the Underdark portal).

Rinse and repeat

I reloaded and recorded the fight to give you an example. No poisons, familiars or spells were used, just melee attacks.

This shows you how you can easily defeat the Hag, Aunty Ethel, even at lower levels, without descending into her lair.

This fight was at level 4; level 5 would be faster, and level 3 or less much longer, but the fight would go the same way. Clearing the Redcaps beforehand is more problematic unless you can take them one at a time.

Anyway, no cheese or cheats are needed :)

{ Hag fight outside the OK Corral (aka Gnarled Teahouse }

Hag fight, old school

This was written as at patch 5, early access, max level 4, and fewer magical items around. This is still a solid tactic.

Not a hard fight, and they are ways to one-shot the Hag, but I know I struggled at first, hence this simple strategy. No cheese, no expensive potions, just straight play.

There is another way to beat her, I’ve read (not tried yet, but still viable in patch 9), where you kill her in her hut. You have to surround here before it gets heated and use a tile-based AoE attack when she goes invisible. You have to kill her fast, but the tactics below will still help, as will having access to level 5 skills and spells. Have at her!

Baldurs Gate 3 Hag
{ Auntie Ethel, revealed as a Hag and sister of the seeing pearl, talks tough }

1. Not needed, but the Sussur greatsword helps.
It may not stop her cloning herself, but its Silence bonus will stop the worst of her other spells.

2. Have a Create Water spell ready to save Mayrina when Auntie Ethel sets her cage on fire. There is a staff for that too, remember.

3. When there are no clones, hit her hard.

4. Command Halt works well against her.

5. Stay in range, and as soon as she clones, use Magic Missile and or Scorching Blast (spell or Circlet of Blasting) to dispel them. It doesn’t need to do excessive damage; just hit. Arrows or cantrip spells like Sacred Flame will do the same job.

5. Rinse and repeat to wear her down. It’s not a long fight when it’s 4 on 1.

(I messed up to of the attacks by Lae’zel, not paying attention, but it still got the job done easily enough. Being level 4 and having better gear helps, obviously, but the fight centers on the clones not dragging out the fight).


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