Githyanki wielding evernburn greatsword

BG3: How to get the Everburn greatsword

How to get the two-handed burning sword in Baldur’s Gate

You know when you see the cambion waving that sword about that you want it. You may be a mage and not even want the ever-rude Lae’zel on your team, but you want it anyway!

Well, you can’t have it, at least not in a fair fight and not without cheesing.

It is just as well you can tip the odds in your favour will a well-placed tank or twelve on your side!

BG3 nautiloid tank stockpile
{ Nautiload tank stockpile nuke. This is the way. }

Here’s what to do:

Carefully drag all these bad boys to the chamber entrance. Use staged saves. If you accidentally drop one on burning debris and the arsenal goes BOOM, there is no surviving that. Also, if you edge too close to the chamber, you trigger the fight and maybe you aren’t ready for that yet.

The prelude event is not timed, despite incessant nagging by Lae’zel, the intellect devourer and your own inner voice. The ship is not going to crash until you twang the transponder.

In previous iterations of early access, you could have characters help carry the nukes, but more recently and now, you have to do all the heavy lifting yourself. If you are a strong melee type, you can carry several nautiloid tanks at a time, if you are a weak-muscled spell slinger, you might not even be able to carry one, but fear not, there is a way! It’s tedious, but to can drag and drop them all the way to the chamber.

Once the fight starts, drag them into the middle of the chamber, remembering the ones around the sides of the room. The more you have, the greater the damage, so leave none out. Dragging barrels and tanks doesn’t use turns, so there is no penalty. You can drag a few tanks inside, move forward, drag a bit more and still have time to whack an imp. Rinse and repeat with each character.

The fuel barrels can stack three high, which is handy too. Once you have them arranged, send two characters to harass Commander Zhalk and two towards the transponder to trigger the extra imps. Then, from behind the illithid and cambion, have at them. You want them in low health by the time the other cambions arrive. Watch out for them, wait, and when they rush into the middle of the room, trigger the bomb with a fire cantrip or similar.

You can get 50xp points if you kill the illithid yourself instead of anything else killing him, but killing the three cambions will easily get you to level 2 and close to level 3, so it’s just an added bonus.

If you are interested, there is another video of the cambion nuke, this one from a year ago.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, level 5 spells await, and I have a bunch of surly Githyanki to give a well-deserved kicking too.

(It is not so easy to beat the Githyanki patrol with level 4 characters, but it is doable).

This guide is for version 9, early access. If it changes much with the final release, I’ll update it.


Baldur’s Gate 3: looting guide (Act 1)
It could do with revising for patch 9 changes, but is still solid.

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