Microsoft wireless laser mouse 8000 not connected

MS Entertainment Desktop 8000 connectivity

It seems I am cursed, at present the mouse, as my Microsoft Entertainment Desktop 8000 isn’t working :(

The Microsoft wireless laser mouse 8000 is simply not connecting…

  • It is seen under control panel/mouse but that’s as far as it goes, there is no response to movement, wheel or buttons.
  • The OS is XP media edition, fully patched, including trying updated drivers for the device.
  • I am on a wireless network, but disabling this makes no difference.*
  • A legacy Microsoft keyboard and mouse are connected, but removing them seems to make no difference.
  • I have tried changing the batteries and the battery light does show green.
  • The keyboard itself is fine and indeed I am using it to type this.

The mouse, sadly, is not just not running in it’s wheel, it’s all cheesed out.

As yet I cannot determine whether the mouse itself is faulty, or it’s a device and/or driver conflict.

Not tested it on another system yet, but anyone got any ideas?

*As an aside, undoubtedly due to the shared 2.4Ghz bandwidth of bluetooth and wireless networks, I’m seeing interesting effects. My neighbours network, which can be uncomfortably strong and clear and thus affect my own, takes a kicking, loosing about 5% of its signal strength, which I get back :)

Difference to own and neighbours network with bluetooth enabled
Difference to own and neighbours network with bluetooth enabled

If you scroll down the posts for the other networking entries this month you’ll see just how big this difference is.

Against this, the signal is cycling in strength, momentarily disconnecting every so many ticks. Not too bothersome for surfing and typing, but I imagine it may prove intolerable for online games like World of Warcraft.

3 thoughts on “Microsoft wireless laser mouse 8000 not connected”

  1. same for me keyboard is sound but the mouse keeps disconectiong for no aparent reson what so ever and takes a good 5 to 8 minits to conect again windows vista 64x this only hapens when i put the mouse drivers in if i dont put them in no problems at all but then i dont have the bluetooth instaled then this is not right microsoft carnt get there own products to work on ther own os what is the mater with them . i mean this desktop 8000 keyboard and mouse was not cheap and you would expect it to work.

  2. exact same problem. keyboard works fine but my Wireless Laser Mouse 8000 can not connect…installed microsoft Intellipoint 6.3…windows vista 64. this is annoying as heck!

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