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Covering a range of topics from questions you should be asking, to accessibility (including colour blindness), to meta. Some of it’s dated, but it’s a look back at history.

Updates for October 2005

Home page from October 2005 Just trying out a new web traffic analyser. The statistics it gives are actually quite decent, though they have several typing errors they really do want to correct. There’s a link to it at the bottom of the front page (ackadia), if you want to try it out and the …

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Using meta tag keywords for search engine optimisation

Using Meta tags Meta Tag Overview Mega tags are bits of information inserted into the <head> area of your web pages. Apart from the fairly important <title> tag, which headlines for the browser, the info in this header is mostly for search engines and browsers. The more obvious examples are setting the PICS rating, the …

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Book review: Javascript programming

Javascript Made Simple by Peter McBride Published by Made Simple Books, An imprint of Butterworth-Heinemann (ISBN 0-7506-3797-8) Walks you through fifty odd pages of HTML before it gets anywhere near Javascript. If you are delving into Javascript I would hope you have a firm grasp of web editing first myself, but there you go. Grumble …

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