Server updates, March 2018

Update: March 15th 2018 :

Ackadia is under maintenance.

Apologises for the ugly look, moved server hosts and the restore was unable to link the (1,000s of) images to the relative posts, so I have to do it manually re-add them, and work on the layout and design. It will take some time as there are currently over 500 posts to repair!

dusty mains box

Normal service will resume ASAP!

~ Paul

Getting to the proverbial light at the of the tunnel now, but for someone with over 30 years IT experience ‘dumbing down’ from running a wordpress(.org) domains on a dedicated server running linux to a managed idiot-proof environment is really stressful. Nothing seems to work as it should.

Take adding a website. OK using WMH and cPanel in not exactly user-friendly, at all, but once you know it, it’s straight forward. Add domain, add wordpress, live. For you have to make a free domain (e.g. and add mapping and consider plans to get to where you wanted to be, which would be, for instance. Arguably, once you know the system, it’s also straight forward, but I don’t like it!

Now, and for me this was almost a deal breaker because my OCD couldn’t handle the universally reviled default. Said default being /year/month/postname. It is hated by almost every web developer on the planet, with many offering guides to sort it. e.g.:
Yoast: The perfect WordPress SEO permalink structure, or
Elegant Themes: A Guide To WordPress Permalinks, And Why You Should Never Use The Default Settings.
Even WordPress themselves call the default settings ‘Ugly’ or ‘Almost pretty’

ANYWAY, for that option is only available if you have a business plan (which allows plugins) and, bizarrely, is disabled and hidden until you install your first plug-in. When you are designing a site you don’t necessarily want add-ons, you want the basics in place.

I see what you mean! But it is kind of intentional so you are aware of the change. The first plugin must be installed by the owner himself.Me:
Aaaah. weird. That’s just really weird as a condition. xD
*installs a plug in*

Perfect! Now it is a fully functional Business site with all advanced features.

There she is! Cheers. Y’all need to write a “101 welcome” for people like me coming from self-hosted cPanel environments ‘cos the changeover is brutal. It’s like WHERE’S THE BRAKES? What do you mean, ‘you have to sound the horn to brake?’ xD

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