Playbuzz: What’s Your Management Personality?

What’s Your Management Personality?

This is another sparse post, but the test is still I’ll leave it in.

Mine was surprisingly close given it only asked 8 questions: Weightlifter: shouldering the weight

You’re a weightlifter – you’re shouldering the weight of the whole company on your shoulders. You’re all over every aspect of the business, from finding new business to strategy and everything in between. Although this means you’re extremely knowledgeable about your business, it’s not an endurance sport. Take a coffee break once in a while and share the load with a trusted colleague – you’ll be amazed at the difference it might make.

Strengths: You have an excellent understanding of all the operations within your company, more so than anyone else.

Weaknesses: Not being able to delegate can lead you to burn out very quickly.

Playbuzz: Which olympic sport matches your small business style?”, by SMEnergy

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